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Sal’s Fiction Addiction says “Kids will happily accept an invitation to share their own stories of being afraid, and acts of bravery” after reading When the Rain Comes

March 16th, 2017

“A much anticipated sound awakens Malini! The ox cart driver is finally here with his very important load of rice seedlings. The rice is ready to plant; Malini is ready to help with that planting. The driver asks the young girl to ‘keep an eye’ on his ox while he takes a needed break. Malini is a bit frightened by its […]

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Booklist featured When the Rain Comes in their latest issue

January 6th, 2017

“An oxcart arrives in Malini’s small Sri Lanka village, loaded with rice seedlings, enough to sustain her community for a year….but a sudden storm floods the road, threatening Malini, the ox, and the precious cargo. The storm’s violence is conveyed by onomatopoeic language…Words that may be unfamiliar to American readers, such as bullock driver and […]

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Kirkus Reviews gives When the Rain Comes a Starred Review

December 12th, 2016

“Although set in faraway Sri Lanka, Fullerton’s rhythmic tale holds a universal message: that even the smallest and youngest among us can summon up the courage to face, and overcome, the most gargantuan challenges….Fullerton’s free verse dances across the page, urging readers forward through the narrative. ‘Her heart pounds / as loud as the rain […]

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CM Magazine “Recommend[s]” When the Rain Comes

November 14th, 2016

*** /4 …With When the Rain Comes, Fullerton introduces children to a culture different from their own in a way that is engaging and full of relatable emotions. Malini is Sri Lankan, and, although her experience is in many ways very different from that of a Canadian child, some feelings and encounters transcend borders. Here, readers […]

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Book Time calls When the Rain Comes “a beautiful book”…twice!

November 7th, 2016

“What a beautiful book. The illustrations are different, both from anything else I have seen to within its pages. Sometimes it’s fast and swirling, other times Malini and the other characters in the book are smooth and more lifelike. It’s a cool effect. The story was also pretty amazing. My heart started racing and I […]

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