CM Magazine “Recommend[s]” When the Rain Comes

November 14th, 2016

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With When the Rain Comes, Fullerton introduces children to a culture different from their own in a way that is engaging and full of relatable emotions. Malini is Sri Lankan, and, although her experience is in many ways very different from that of a Canadian child, some feelings and encounters transcend borders. Here, readers witness a child explore her own capacity for bravery when faced with a challenge. Fear, uncertainty, loyalty, and pride are all things to which children everywhere can relate. The rising intensity of the story creates a connection to the character as readers strive and hope alongside her that she reaches the barn and calms the beast. Guided conversation after the book would be rich, delving deeper into the child’s personal experience with challenges and successes. What was at stake? What did it feel like to overcome the obstacle?

The true highlight of When the Rain Comes, however, is the artwork – big, luscious illustrations that own each page. LaFave demonstrates a mastery of colour, choosing a rich palate of purples and blues to depict the storm and creating depth with interesting colour blocking. From the brightly coloured spurfowl taking flight to the violent rain feverishly falling down, the images are unique and beautiful.

—Amber Allen

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