Kirkus Reviews gives When the Rain Comes a Starred Review

December 12th, 2016

WhenRainComes_website“Although set in faraway Sri Lanka, Fullerton’s rhythmic tale holds a universal message: that even the smallest and youngest among us can summon up the courage to face, and overcome, the most gargantuan challenges….Fullerton’s free verse dances across the page, urging readers forward through the narrative. ‘Her heart pounds / as loud as the rain / as it comes, / a waterfall / straight from the sky.’ And LaFave’s mood-appropriate colors, which range from the joyful sorbet hues of Malini’s village to the brooding blues and grays of the monsoon, complete the package. A beautiful introduction to life and culture on a little-known island nation—and a delightful read whether for the first or the 100th time.”

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