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“The young protagonist…has some real spunk and AGENCY” says Worlds of Words about When the Rain Comes

November 21st, 2018

Worlds of Words “What a beautiful book about such a terrible phenomenon! The reality, however, is that flooding happens across the world and has the potential for great destruction. The young protagonist in this picturebook has some real spunk and AGENCY. I think this is a wonderful book to share with young people, showing Malini’s […]

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Bringham Young University calls When the Rain Comes “Excellent…”

November 19th, 2018

Brigham Young University, Children’s Book & Media Reviews “Rating: Excellent… Told in free verse from Malini’s point of view, this tale reveals the coming-of-age of a young Sri Lankan girl. A note at the back of the book explains more about life in Sri Lanka, the importance of rice as a staple food, and the […]

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Hit or Miss Books compliments the “absolutely gorgeous and, surprisingly, lyrical [illustrations]” in When the Rain Comes

February 10th, 2018

“The moods of Sri Lanka’s rainy season come alive as Kim La Fave, illustrator of the award-winning Shin Chi’s Canoe, uses a fresh style that is both contemporary and impressionistic to depict the courage of one little girl facing the power of a flash flood…. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and, surprisingly, lyrical. The writing is, […]

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When the Rain Comes “offers a powerful portrait of a child’s bravery and perseverance” says The Hornbook

April 25th, 2017

“A perilous flash flood threatens a young Sri Lankan girl’s life and her village’s livelihood in this compelling picture book. Fullerton’s spare and lyrical text opens with Malini waking up, excited to learn how to plant rice seedlings and contribute to her community’s well-being….Endnotes explain the realities of child labor, poverty, and a dependence on […]

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When the Rain Comes is featured in School Library Journal‘s collection “Reading Around The World | Picture Books”

April 25th, 2017

“…Filled with ear-pleasing rhythms and onomatopoeia, Alma Fullerton’s vivacious free verse paints Malini’s character with deft strokes, and stirringly describes the action. Kim La Fave’s color-splashed illustrations set the scene and create a strong sense of motion, as the ox looms large above the girl, the monsoon unleashes, or Maili returns to the arms of […]

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Canadian Children’s BookNews recommends When the Rain Comes for “a classroom setting to spark interest in Sri Lanka, its people, culture, geography, and climate”

March 17th, 2017

“…Alma Fullerton tells to tale in free verse. She successfully conjures up the sights and especially the sounds of a day in Sri Lanka—the song of the bullock-cart driver, the clop of the ox, the pounding of rain and the cracking of thunder. Kim La Fave’s illustrations magically transform a bedsheet into a flock of […]

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