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After the Wallpaper Music cover

After the Wallpaper Music

For twelve-year-old violinist Flora, growing up doesn’t always mean growing apart. But when a Battle of the Bands starts to divide Flora’s friend group, she knows that music will either separate them or bring them back together again.

By Jean Mills

Bear Has a Belly cover

Bear Has a Belly

From the author of Animals Move, another Big, Little Concepts photographic celebration of children, animals, and our wonderful, diverse bodies.

By Jane Whittingham

Berani cover


From the Governor General’s Award-nominated author of Music for Tigers and Girl of the Southern Sea, a passionate story about environmental activism, difficult choices, and the cost of doing the right thing

By Michelle Kadarusman

Broom for Two cover

Broom for Two

When a little witch’s broom is ruined, help from an unlikely new friend, a persevering attitude, and a bit of magic, may be exactly what she needs to get back in the air. From celebrated author Jennifer Maruno and award-winning illustrator Scot Ritchie.

By Jennifer Maruno & Scot Ritchie

Bunny Loves Beans cover

Bunny Loves Beans

From the author of the 2023 Texas 2×2 Reading List Selection, Bear has a Belly, comes another Big, Little Concepts photographic celebration! Preschoolers will be delighted as they explore colorful foods to enjoy, and the animals that love them too!

By Jane Whittingham

Dinos Driving cover

Dinos Driving

In a smart and silly picture book enriched with preschool-friendly facts and activities, Lynn Leitch and the acclaimed Scot Ritchie propose the perfect modes of transport for 8 charismatic dinosaurs. 

By Lynn Leitch & Scot Ritchie

French Toast cover

French Toast

Now in paperback! In a celebration of culture and cuisine, a young girl finds resilience against schoolyard teasing as she and her grandmother discuss the things she loves about her mixed heritage.

By Kari-Lynn Winters & François Thisdale

Friends cover


Friends, from the award-winning author-illustrator of Happy, is back at last to celebrate how friends play, fight, and reconcile all over again!

By Mies van Hout

Happy cover


Back in print at last! A dazzling new edition of Mies van Hout’s beloved art book of emotional literacy

By Mies van Hout & Mies van Hout

If You See a Bluebird cover

If You See a Bluebird

A bluebird provides solace and a special wish for former refugee Ali as he learns to embrace a different definition of home. From the author of The Library Bus and A Sky-Blue Bench. 

By Bahram Rahman & Gabrielle Grimard

Look Up High! Things that Fly cover

Look Up High! Things that Fly

Airplanes, helicopters, and more zoom across, through, and around in this Big, Little Concepts exploration of flying machines and prepositions, from the author of Shape Up, Construction Trucks!  

By Victoria Allenby

Mystery at the Biltmore cover

Mystery at the Biltmore

From the award-winning author of The Umbrella House comes a mystery with twists, turns, and suspects galore. Will Elodie LaRue, the daughter of globe-trotting art crime investigators, be able to prove she has what it takes to solve a crime?

By Colleen Nelson & Peggy Collins

No More Plastic cover

No More Plastic

A young girl takes action against ocean pollution in a timely story with unique plastic-waste diorama art from award-winning author-illustrator Alma Fullerton.

By Alma Fullerton & Alma Fullerton

Out of the Valley of Horses cover

Out of the Valley of Horses

From the award-winning author of Nim’s Island and Dragonfly Song, a gripping novel about a family’s will to endure, mystical horses, and the beauty of self-sufficiency and restoration.

By Wendy Orr

Secret Gardeners cover

Secret Gardeners

Detailed information about all aspects of gardening is packaged into a heartfelt story of community action in which three bright children, with the help of neighborhood volunteers, bring new life and hope to a forgotten garden.

By Lina Laurent & Maija Hurme & Sofia Karlsson & Jen Pulju Porter

See It, Dream It, Do It cover

See It, Dream It, Do It

From award-winning author Colleen Nelson, and literacy advocate Kathie MacIsaac, twenty-five profiles present a plethora of jobs, and people, making it easier than ever for young people to see their dreams and to live their dreams! 

By Colleen Nelson & Kathie MacIsaac

Surprise cover


The award-winning author-illustrator of Happy is back to celebrate the journey of parenthood. Mies van Hout's vivid and expressive chalk birds convey the joys and challenges of raising little ones.

By Mies van Hout

The Great Expedition cover

The Great Expedition

From the author-illustrator of A Quiet Girl, Peter Carnavas showcases the daring adventures of young explorers as they traverse the wild country in their own backyard.

By Peter Carnavas

The Imaginary Alphabet cover

The Imaginary Alphabet

Discover Sylvie Daigneault’s fantastical alphabet art world, a game of discovery, and more.

By Sylvie Daigneault

The Light from My Menorah cover

The Light from My Menorah

The dazzling light from a menorah takes a young boy on a journey around the world, introducing him to the holidays of many cultures that celebrate light.

By Robin Heald & Andrea Blinick

The Only Lonely Fairy cover

The Only Lonely Fairy

From the creators of Percy’s Perfect Friend. Melodramatic Leah goes through all the highs and lows of schoolyard rejection, a joyful new friendship, and empathetic generosity toward other lonely souls. 

By Lana Button & Peggy Collins

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