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The Semah: ritual movement for International Dance Day

April 29th, 2016

International Dance Day is a yearly event intended to celebrate dance as a universal art form that brings people together across cultural, political and ethnic barriers as a shared language. We’re celebrating today by giving centre stage to the semah, the traditional ritual-dance of the Alevi-Baktaşi people that is still flourishing today. Both of the […]

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Early Modern Words for Modern Readers

April 22nd, 2016

Since UN English Language day lines up with the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, we’re going to take a page out of his illustrious notebook and talk about some old-school English words that aren’t used so much anymore. Often mislabelled “Old English“, Shakespeare’s English is properly called Early Modern English, the direct forerunner of the […]

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Celebrate Earth Day with the Peregrine Falcon

April 22nd, 2016

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide every year to give global citizens the chance to demonstrate their support for and dedication to environmental protection. This year Canada is participating in an ambitious campaign to assist in planting 7.8 billion trees—one for every person on the planet—by 2020. With so much work to do, it’s easy to […]

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Quill & Quire reviews Sky Pig

April 20th, 2016

“All Ollie the pig wants is to fly. His friend, Jack, makes him wings out of duck feathers, a parachute out of a burlap sack, and even sends him careening down a hill with a clutch of umbrellas. Illustrator Suzanne Del Rizzo uses Plasticine, polymer clay, and mixed media to create her 3-D images.”—Quill & […]

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The International Examiner calls One Step Ahead, “a poignant story of compassion, perseverance and recovery.”

April 20th, 2016

“…as a poignant story of compassion, perseverance and recovery, Skrypuch’s writing provides a platform for opening a dialogue on the repercussions of war and violence, as well as global health in regard to polio. As such, the story is perfect for bringing together multiple generations of readers.”—International Examiner Click here to read the full review.

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Waking Brain Cells endorses Elliot, “This book is so very important.”

April 15th, 2016

“This book is so very important. It is a book about the foster care system and one that is so intensely honest that it can be hard to read at times. Pearson manages to not make Elliot’s parents bad at all, keeping their neglect of Elliot vague enough to fit the experiences of many children… […]

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Midwest Book Review highly recommends Timo’s Garden

April 15th, 2016

“An ideal addition to school and community library collections, and complete with an illustrated glossary of flowers, this beautifully-designed early reader is very highly recommended for children ages 5 to 8, and in grades 1-3.” —Midwest Book Review Click Here to read more.

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