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CM Magazine gives All the World a Poem a FOUR STAR rating!

September 30th, 2016

The greatest feat of this tribute to poetry is that Tibo has managed to illustrate that poetry is, essentially, everywhere. Equally impressive is his ability to place the profound next to the humourous… The accompanying paper collages created by graphic artist Manon Gauthier capture the wonder of the poems beautifully….their sense of whimsy will bring […]

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CM Magazine says Hat on, Hat off is “a lovely little book”

September 23rd, 2016

This short book for will ring true for parents who have tried to put (and keep!) a hat on their toddler…. The simple and repetitive language used throughout the book works well for children who are just learning to speak and often have a limited vocabulary….Parents and children will enjoy going through the story demonstrating […]

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Adrift at Sea helps “give moving insight into the experience of the many children who escaped war-ravaged Vietnam” says Publisher’s Weekly

September 23rd, 2016

As she did in The Last Airlift and One Step at a Time, Skrypuch uses one child’s story to give moving insight into the experience of the many children who escaped war-ravaged Vietnam to start new lives….Deines’s (Elephant Journey) hazy oil paintings poignantly capture the family’s physical ordeal and anguish during their perilous journey. Click […]

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The Booklist Reader calls Elephant Journey: The True Story of Three Zoo Elephants and Their Rescue from Captivity a “fascinating picture book”

September 22nd, 2016

Laidlaw, an animal protection activist, tells the story in this fascinating picture book. It took enormous effort, careful planning, the construction of special crates, a flotilla of semi trucks, and a summit of animal experts. The long journey was packed with tension. Illustrator Brian Deines based his lovely oil paintings on photographs of the elephants’ […]

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Sal’s Fiction Addiction calls Root Beer Candy and Other Miracles a “terrific readaloud”

September 12th, 2016

Shari Green has created characters who are complex, and thoughtful. Bailey’s first person narrative brings awareness to the beautiful island setting, knowledge of the complex characters who people this new community, the pain inherent in keeping family secrets, a growing concern for others, and the courage to take a stand. Her support for the eccentric Jasper and her […]

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Rhino Rumpus is a “rollicking read-aloud” says CM Magazine

September 12th, 2016

Bedtime preparations aren’t going too smoothly in the Rhino household. The three Rhino babies fight over toys, make faces at each other and start a riot in the bathtub…. Tara Anderson’s folksy pencil crayon and acrylic illustrations show the squabbling siblings in all of their mischievous glory. They butt heads, overturn chairs, and snap towels […]

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