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Crimson Review of Children’s & YA Literature says French Toast “invok[es] comfort and good feelings…”

November 16th, 2018

Crimson Review of Children’s & YA Literature “Phoebe and her grandmother, Nan-ma, are out for a walk when Phoebe is teased by two kids about the color of her skin. They call her ‘French toast’…Phoebe likens their skin tones to “warm banana bread” and “maple syrup poured over French toast,” invoking comfort and good feelings […]

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Imagination Soup encourages French Toast as a “book to talk about differences, similarities, and kindness”

June 23rd, 2017

“Phoebe’s grandmother, Nan-Ma, helps her talk out why the kids call her ‘French Toast’ then helps Phoebe celebrate her own skin tone as well as the variety of skin tones in her Jamaican, French-Canadian family using with beautiful food metaphors. Use this book to talk about differences, similarities, and kindness.” Click here to read the full list “New Stories […]

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“The author [of French Toast] explains the concept of diversity in a positive life affirming way” says Resource Links

March 3rd, 2017

“…A gentle loving explanation of how everyone has different skin tones expressed in warm delicious ways. Bullying is part of the story but Phoebe’s approach of not letting her bullies know that their nickname bothers her helps to defuse any power they have over her. The illustrations are beautiful and the illustrator does beautiful portraits […]

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