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My Beautiful Birds “provides a window into the life of a refugee while also being a pleasure to read” says Resource Links

March 6th, 2017

“…With its elegant prose and beautiful clay illustrations, this book tells a timely story through the voice of a Syrian refugee. It is important to provide readers with perspectives different than their own, and this book may be particularly relevant for Canadian readers due to the influx of Syrian refugees into Canada. My Beautiful Birds […]

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Water’s Children is “A tribute to the essential substance, washed free of preachiness or even faintly cautionary messages” says Kirkus Reviews

March 6th, 2017

“Twelve children from different areas of the world offer lyrical reflections on what water means to them. To Delaunois’ fictive cast water invariably sparks positive feelings…Though the specific locale of each young speaker is keyed only by a watermarked version of ‘Water is life’ embedded in the illustration that is translated into his or her […]

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“The author [of French Toast] explains the concept of diversity in a positive life affirming way” says Resource Links

March 3rd, 2017

“…A gentle loving explanation of how everyone has different skin tones expressed in warm delicious ways. Bullying is part of the story but Phoebe’s approach of not letting her bullies know that their nickname bothers her helps to defuse any power they have over her. The illustrations are beautiful and the illustrator does beautiful portraits […]

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French Toast “feeds the spirit and bakes up multiple servings of compassion and open-mindedness” says CanLit for LittleCanadians

December 16th, 2016

“…French Toast starts out as less about the food and more about labelling but Kari-Lynn Winters, with illustrator François Thisdale, turns the story around to be about the goodness of food and relationships that nourish us. Kari-Lynn Winters…impresses with her splendid foray into understanding and acceptance of skin colour, diversity and multiculturalism (Phoebe’s family is Haitian) and one […]

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French Toast gets a STARRED REVIEW from Quill and Quire

October 14th, 2016

In French Toast, Kari-Lynn Winters explores racism in the story of a half-French-Canadian, half -Jamaican girl named Phoebe. While out for a walk with her grandmother, Phoebe cringes when she hears her school nickname, “French Toast.” How can she explain to Nan-ma, who is blind, that the nickname refers to Phoebe’s skin colour?… French Toast […]

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Diversity Day Interview with Karen Bass

May 21st, 2016

The Hill is a supernatural survival-thriller by award-winning author Karen Bass that draws inspiration from the true story of a remote plane crash and the Cree Wîhtiko legend. For the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, I sat down with Karen to discuss The Hill’s protagonists: Jared, an affluent white teen from Edmonton, and […]

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