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Tweezle into Everything Book Trailer

March 28th, 2014

Tweezle is the baby of his family, but he has some pretty big ideas. What is he up to? The monster family of Stephanie McLellan and Dean Griffith’s Hoogie in the Middle returns in Tweezle into Everything. Having trouble with the video? Try watching the trailer on YouTube.

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Resource Links rates Tweezle into Everything “Excellent”

February 28th, 2014

A most beautifully written and illustrated book about a little boy monster who lives with his parents and big [sisters]. To the family Tweezle seems like a little troublemaker but in reality he only wants to help out doing big kid stuff like his siblings Being the baby of the family, Tweezle tries to do […]

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Interview with Stephanie McLellan

October 4th, 2013

Stephanie McLellan is back with a book about the youngest (smallest) monster sibling who gets himself into some big situations.Tweezle into Everything is currently available for purchase in Canada. This award-winning author was kind enough to answer some questions about the process of writing this book, rescuing baby animals, and nicknames.  When you were writing […]

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