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Library School Journal gives Giraffe and Bird Together Again the verdict “A Strong choice for a preschool storytime or a one-on-one sharing.”

December 23rd, 2018

Library School Journal “A strength of this title is the action verbs and rich vocabulary that is introduced….The text and illustrations also work well together….This title lends itself to discussion about friendship and being open to try new things. VERDICT A strong choice for a preschool storytime or a one-on-one sharing.” –Robin Sofge, Prince William […]

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Kirkus Reviews call Bender’s illustrations in Penguin Days “soft, gentle…and illuminate Lauren’s narrative.”

November 20th, 2018

Kirkus Reviews “Lauren, who has autism spectrum disorder, is back for a second outing following Slug Days (2017)….. Lauren relates her prickly feelings in a believably forthright voice that offers readers welcome insight into her perspective. Her emerging understanding of facial expressions helps her relate her parents’ and teacher’s periodic frustrations with her difficulties, yet […]

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How Do You Feel? “is a sweet children’s book” says Brigham Young University

November 18th, 2018

Brigham Young University, Children’s Book & Media Reviews “This is a sweet children’s book with acrylic and colored pencil illustrations. Each animal uses a simile to describe how they feel: ‘I feel slimy, like a slippery watermelon seed.’ Some of the comparisons should help children who haven’t had direct contact with some of these animals to understand […]

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