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A Kirkus Star for Princess Pistachio and the Pest!

Posted on June 6th, 2015 by pajamapress

Princess Pistachio and the Pest by Marie-Louise Gay, translated by Jacob HomelPrincess Pistachio Shoelace’s summer vacation is not starting out on a high note. She has big plans to meet with her friends to search for treasure. But her mother insists that she must take her little sister, Penny, to the park. Penny is delighted, but Pistachio is definitely feeling put-upon. Penny, dressed in a bunny hat and a cape and perched in a wagon filled with toys and the dog, exhorts Pistachio to “giddy up.” The day goes from bad to worse, as Penny manages to cause a great deal of trouble, especially when Pistachio has momentary lapses of attention. Penny sneaks fruit from the grocer, Mr. Pomodoro, and Pistachio is blamed. Penny climbs a wall and falls off, into the garden of Mrs. Oldtooth, the neighborhood witch. When Penny swims in the park fountain and pulls out some coins, Pistachio is blamed again. It has been a decidedly unroyal day, and her frustration is compounded by their mother’s clueless reaction. In four breathless, fast-paced chapters, Gay once again weaves a frantically funny tale with deliciously named characters, while subtly recognizing some underlying concerns regarding sibling responsibility and difficulties with adult-child communication. Descriptive and age-appropriate language flows naturally and is in perfect tandem with the brightly hued illustrations that depict redheaded, freckle-faced Pistachio’s every changing emotion. Young readers will cheer for her. Long live Princess Pistachio. (Early reader. 4-8)

Rocky Mountain Book Award Nominees: Revenge on the Fly and A Brush Full of Colour

Posted on June 4th, 2015 by pajamapress

Pajama Press is proud to announce that Revenge on the Fly and A Brush Full of Colour: The World of Ted Harrison have been nominated for the 2016 Rocky Mountain Book Awards.

The Rocky Mountain Book Awards are the province of Alberta’s readers’ choice award program. Each year, students in grades 4–7 read at least five of ten nominated books in two categories (fiction and nonfiction) and vote for their favourite. The winner is asked to tour the province of Alberta, giving presentations to randomly selected schools.

Click here to see the full list of nominees.

Revenge On The Fly - MG historical novel by Sylvia McNicollRevenge on the Fly by Sylvia McNicoll has been nominated in the fiction category. This middle-grade novel immerses readers in the quest of 12-year-old immigrant Will Alton to win a fly-catching contest and rid his new city of disease.

A Brush Full of Colour: The World of Ted Harrison. A picture book biography by Margriet Ruurs and Katherine GibsonA Brush Full of Colour: The World of Ted Harrison has been nominated in the nonfiction category. This illustrated biography of world-famous Canadian artist Ted Harrison is co-authored by Margriet Ruurs and Katherine Gibson.


CanLit for LittleCanadians reviews Bad Pirate

Posted on June 4th, 2015 by pajamapress

BadPirate_Internet“You know Kari-Lynn Winters will spin a great yarn, which she has, and it’s a rollicking good one of life on the high seas, living with barnacle-hardened sea dogs (literally) and a father-daughter relationship like no other.  There’s learning about being oneself and accepting others’ strengths as important, even if different. The text is salted with the voice of pirates–though nicely scrubbed for young ears and eyes–and the fluency of a sea shanty.  And Dean Griffiths makes sure that his bold illustrations transport the reader to the swaying decks of that pirate ship, embellished with detailed rigging, portholes, ratlines and masts.  And the crew of spaniels, chihuahuas, bulldogs and sheepdogs (this list is limited only by my own limited dog knowledge) is resplendent in their kerchief do-rags, breeches, buckle boots and gold earrings, the captain especially dapper in his frock coat and feathered musketeer hat.  And Augusta fits right in, truly looking like a pirate, even if Kari-Lynn Winters has to help her, and everyone else on the ship, see that when she was good, she really was a very Bad Pirate. Lucky for them.”

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