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Little Fox, Lost is “a charming tale” with “the most adorable animals you can imagine” affirms Life in Québec Magazine

January 4th, 2017

“Known for her imaginative use of animals in storytelling, Belgian-born Nicole Snitselaar has created a charming tale about a scary thought. What if you went out with your mother one day and got lost? In this case, an exuberant little fox, playing in the snow, loses sight of his mother…. This book is beautifully illustrated by Venezuelan […]

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Little Fox, Lost gets one hundred and four thousand stars from Awesome Annie and Crossroad Reviews

January 3rd, 2017

“…In gentle, expressive text, Nicola Snitselaar spins a tale that goes far beyond a simple stranger danger warning. Her Little Fox, equipped with his own ingenuity as well as his mother’s wisdom, cleverly finds a way for the other animals to attract Mama Fox’s attention while keeping himself safe. Alicia Padron renders this resilient Little Fox and […]

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