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Plan a Giraffe and Bird Party: Bird’s Best Cupcakes

November 23rd, 2012

What would a Don’t Laugh at Giraffe party be without some colourful cupcakes? We’ve got the perfect tutorial for kid-tested, bird-approved cupcake fun. You will need: A batch of your favourite cupcakes 2 C icing sugar 1 Tbs margarine or softened butter A small amount of milk Food colouring to make yellow, blue, green, and […]

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Plan a Giraffe and Bird Party Part 4: Puppets

August 24th, 2012

All summer we’ve been sharing ideas for a Don’t Laugh at Giraffe-themed party. We’ve talked about games, kid-made loot bags, and the oh-so-popular Muddy Puddle Slushie drink. Today we have instructions for a great kid-friendly craft that will inspire hours of fun long after the party is over: Giraffe Puppet Materials: One white sock One […]

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Plan a Giraffe and Bird Party Part 2: Handprint Loot Bags

July 30th, 2012

This summer we’re having a virtual party with our favourite funny friends from Don’t Laugh at Giraffe! We’ve already given you some game ideas; today we’ll be sharing an activity that lets kids get in on the fun of making their own loot bags! Materials One paper bag per child Tempera paint—mix it with a […]

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Plan a Giraffe and Bird Party Part 1: Games

July 20th, 2012

Giraffe and Bird are unlikely companions, but their antics in Rebecca Bender’s Giraffe and Bird and Don’t Laugh at Giraffe have charmed children, teachers and parents across the country.  For those who just can’t get enough, we’re building a virtual Giraffe and Bird party, complete with games, food, crafts, and favours—each one of them healthy, […]

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Don’t Laugh at Giraffe is “Highly Recommended” by CM Magazine

June 4th, 2012

Youngsters who first met this delightful animal odd couple in Giraffe and Bird…will be pleased that the sometimes squabbling duo are back again in another story about friendship. As author/illustrator Bender demonstrated in Giraffe and Bird, she knows when a picture, rather than words, should carry the story. …A fun read, but one which still […]

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