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Pickle Me This said “the recipe inside [Baby Cakes] makes for a nice extension of the book…inspiring the reader to try something new”

Posted on November 20th, 2017 by pajamapress

BabyCakes_Website“…when I’d recently read Iris Baby Cakes, by Theo Heras and Renne Benoit, she’d declared, ‘That’s such a good book, Mommy.’ Mostly because she’s obsessed with cupcakes, but still. Plus there was a recipe for cupcakes in the endpapers; I said, ‘We’ve got to make these.’ And so on Saturday night, we did.

This book would make a great Christmas gift from 3-5-year-olds. With simple vocabulary, a brother and sister work together to make cupcakes (with the unhelpful assistance of their pet cat). The story lists the equipment necessary—‘Here are a big bowl and measuring cups and spoons.’—and goes through the recipe, ‘Sprinkle salt, but not too much.’ And ‘Creaming the butter is hard work.’ And is it ever! The recipe inside makes for a nice extension of the book, bringing the story to life and inspiring the reader to try something new. That the brother and sister in the story bake together without the help of grown-ups (except for with the oven) inspires independence. Plus, the cupcakes were delicious.”

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Resource Links says Timo’s Party is a “gentle and useful tale about the power of friendship”

Posted on December 28th, 2016 by pajamapress

timosparty_website“In this follow-up to 2015’s Timo’s Garden, Allenby again recounts a heartwarming story of friendship…

The story reads like an encyclopaedia of friendship with each good act from a friend provoking another. The warm, detailed illustrations evoke a comfortable small-town charm, sure to entice readers to visit Toadstool Corners again and again. The book also does a nice job of highlighting everyday texts within the narrative, including lists, invitations, and newspaper articles, which could prompt discussion about the importance of reading and writing in daily life. A simple apple recipe at the end of the book should inspire many readers to host apple festivals of their own.

Depicting acts of courage, selflessness, and kindness, Timo’s Party is wholly designed to support its readers’ character development. While certainly not flashy, this latest iteration of Timo and friends offers another gentle and useful tale about the power of friendship.

Thematic links: Kindness; Responsibility; Perseverance; Courage; Cooking; Friendship; Mindfulness; Social Anxiety”
Natalie Colaiacovo

Read the full review on page 1 of the December 2016 issue of Resource Links

Plan a Giraffe and Bird Party: Bird’s Best Cupcakes

Posted on November 23rd, 2012 by pajamapress



What would a Don’t Laugh at Giraffe party be without some colourful cupcakes? We’ve got the perfect tutorial for kid-tested, bird-approved cupcake fun.

You will need:

A batch of your favourite cupcakes

2 C icing sugar

1 Tbs margarine or softened butter

A small amount of milk

Food colouring to make yellow, blue, green, and orange

Chocolate chips

A mixing bowl

Four small containers

Five spoons

Two piping bags

(Alternate: use plastic bags with the corners cut off to pipe icing)

To make the icing:

  1. Mix the margarine or butter with 1.5 C of the icing sugar.
  2. Gradually add very small amounts of milk until the icing is smooth and spreadable.
  3. If the icing becomes too runny, add more icing sugar.
  4. Separate the icing into the four small containers, leaving a little behind in the bowl. Note that you will need more in the yellow and green bowls and less in the orange and blue bowls.
  5. Stir food colouring into each container one drop at a time until the icing reaches the desired vibrancy.
  6. You may choose to make the blue and white icing slightly runnier than the other colours, since it will be piped rather than spread.
  7. Spoon the white and blue icing into piping bags.

To decorate the cupcakes: