Hat On, Hat Off gets an EXCELLENT review from Resource Links

October 20th, 2016

HatOnHatOff_1000pxIn Hat On, Hat Off, a little toddler plays the universally loved game of taking pieces of clothing on and off while getting ready to go outside with his big sister….

Theo Heras writes in simple, short sentences that are geared perfectly towards a toddler audience…In addition to the clear writing style, the storyline is wonderfully relatable for most toddlers who have experienced getting dressed and undressed daily with the help of a family member. Renné Benoit’s soft, pastel illustrations draw readers further into the story, as cozy scenes of knitted clothing and toys exude warmth and comfort, visually soothing young readers….

Hat On, Hat Off is a wonderful read-a-loud title for young children that should be incorporated into library and classroom collections without hesitation.

To read the entire review, check out Resource Links October 2016 issue, page 6


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