“Loads of drama” in Bad Pirate, says Booklist

September 30th, 2015

Bad Pirate by Kari-Lynn Winters and Dean Griffiths“Whether or not a band of pirates is a bunch of salty dogs (and in this case they literally are), one thing is for sure: pirates are selfish! Augusta Garrick is a good-natured, helpful spaniel pup and the daughter of a bad-natured, horrible pirate captain. As he endlessly reminds her (while she does things like rescue small dogs who have walked off the plank), she must be saucy, bold, and selfish if she wants to be a “good” pirate. But when a storm hits and the sails are torn, it may be better if everyone aboard is selfless instead. Winters spreads loads of drama and humor throughout, and Griffith’s expert illustrations are vibrantly colored and posed. Each breed of dog, fairly realistically drawn, is delightfully depicted in pirate garb with expressions that heighten the tension when the seas get rough. Landlubbers will discover fun details upon multiple readings, which will be welcome as this charming moral turnaround tale is accomplished without a sugar coating. These are despicable sea dogs after all!”

— April Mazza

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