Bad Pirate delights School Library Journal

July 6th, 2015

Bad Pirate by Kari-Lynn Winters and Dean Griffiths“Among the sea dogs (literally dogs in pirate clothing) on her father’s ship, August Garrick is a very bad pirate. Her kind, polite, and helpful actions win her a lecture. “To be a good pirate, yez gots to be saucy,” says captain Garrick. “And yez gots to be bold. But most important, me sea pup, yez gots to be selfish!” Scully, a bull terrier with a wood leg, will see to it, or the captain will feed him to the fish. So Augusta throws Scully’s peg-leg out a porthole while he’s sleeping, hoping this selfish act will make her father proud. That night a terrible storm comes up and rips the sails. The ship lists and takes on water. Just as the crew is ready to abandon ship, Augusta climbs the rigging and takes charge. “Less speed!” she calls. “Lads, help me reef the sails!” They obey her, and the ship is saved. Her proud father hugs her. “Augusta, yez be the best pirate I’z ever known—saucy, bold, and selfless!” This book with its nautical terms and pirate speak is a delight to read aloud. The full color artwork is rich in detail, and the expressive canine faces of captain and crew will bring smiles.

VERDICT This seagoing tale with its endearing heroine will be a sure hit with youngsters.”

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