Canadian Kidlit Heroes: Bookseller Edition – Wendy Mason

March 31st, 2013

Wendy (right) and Sue MacLeod (Namesake, 2013)

Wendy (right) and Sue MacLeod (Namesake, 2013)

Wendy Mason is a Children’s Specialist who has worked for Indigo/Chapters since 1996. She was nominated by a grateful author to be today’s Candian Kidlit Hero.

What led you to become a bookseller?

My years spent teaching at the elementary, undergraduate and graduate levels focused on how to use books for cross curriculum purposes. It was a natural transition to engage in the retail environment of recommending, guiding, advising and selling. My focus rests primarily on the excellence of Canadian authors and illustrators.

What is your favourite part of selling kids’ books?

My favourite part about selling kids’ books is the engagement I have with my customers be they children, young adults, parents, grandparents, other relatives, teachers and librarians.

Do you host author events in your store?

I host author and illustrator workshops at Indigo/Yorkdale. What makes them special? Publishers who are kind enough to send me comp copies for the teachers attending so that the students come prepared for the Q.&A. session, Indigo staff who set the stage and my manager Paul Jones.

Can you share a favourite story about being a bookseller?

Favourite story about working as a bookseller would be the joy of having customers return to tell me that the books I recommended were perfect and then to ask for more.

What would you like our readers to know about your store?

Indigo/Yorkdale Children’s and Y.A. department is a welcoming place with a diverse variety of titles offered for all tastes in genres. I have been blessed with the presence of so many illustrious Canadian authors and illustrators who are willing to share their brilliance with my teacher friends and their students.  Marie-Louise Gay will be coming to my department in September and I have over 100 grades 1 & 2’s already booked.


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