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The Flooded Earth “handles grand and troubling questions in a gentle, musing way,” says Foreword Reviews

November 5th, 2018

Foreword Reviews “The novel matches teenage wits against those of corrupt government officials, with the teens proving more formidable than anyone expects them to be. It somehow handles grand and troubling questions in a gentle, musing way. The magnificent capabilities of the book’s determined young leads emerge as The Flooded Earth’s dominant force. Readers of […]

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School Library Connection says The Flooded Earth "will have readers craving more adventures with Will and Annalie"

October 22nd, 2018

“Questions of valuing human life, responsibly caring for the environment, proactively responding to natural disasters, and thoughtfully considering governmental authority could emerge as a result of reading this book…these advanced themes makes the story richer…In a racially charged society, focusing character development on relationships, rather than physical attributes, is mentally refreshing. The first installment in […]

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The Flooded Earth “is a strong series opener with a unique and timely concept” says School Library Journal

August 31st, 2018

“Originally published in Australia, this adventure novel is a strong series opener with a unique and timely concept. The fast-paced story will keep readers engaged, and solid world building will draw readers into this fascinating cli-fi (climate fiction) tale. VERDICT A timely addition to most middle grade collections.” —Marissa Lieberman, East Orange Public Library, NJ […]

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The Flooded Earth is “an exciting and old-fashioned sailboat quest with pirates, secret codes, storms, and cannibals” says Kirkus Reviews

August 15th, 2018

“A high-seas adventure stars 12-year-old twins Will and Annalie, who seek their missing father in a flooded, post-ecological-collapse world….As is typical of the cli-fi genre, McConnochie explores current-world issues within her adventure. Climate refugees and strict immigration laws have created a permanent underclass and a human trafficking problem, which privileged Essie begins to understand when […]

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CM Magazine calls The Flooded Earth “a taut, suspenseful, masterfully written ‘cli-fi’ thriller”

June 21st, 2018

“A taut, suspenseful, masterfully written ‘cli-fi’ thriller, The Flooded Earth combines the best of speculative fiction with strong characterization and moral dilemma. The post-Flood world is described in vivid detail, from the high-class world of Annalie’s boarding school to the damp, ramshackle, gang-infested world of their home neighborhood known as Lowtown…. It is interesting that the author […]

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