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Triceratops Stomp cover

Triceratops Stomp

A lushly illustrated book full of fun read-aloud sounds for the youngest dinosaur fans

By Karen Patkau

True Blue cover

True Blue

The darker side of a friendship is portrayed by Jess, a seventeen-year-old who struggles to find the moral courage to remain loyal to her best friend Casey who has been accused of murdering an eight year old girl at summer camp. The town becomes a media circus and the pressures far too great for Jes…

By Deborah Ellis

Tweezle into Everything cover

Tweezle into Everything

Tweezle’s not a baby – he’s a big boy now! But the rest of the family isn’t convinced, until Tweezle has a big idea to help a little friend in need. A primary book for young children who are ready to be “big”.

By Stephanie McLellan & Dean Griffiths

Two Times a Traitor cover

Two Times a Traitor

Reluctantly touring Halifax with his family, twelve-year-old Laz Berenger accidentally stumbles through a time tunnel to a 1745 war zone. Caught by English sailors from the American colonies, his only hope for freedom is to spy for them in the French fortification at Louisbourg, where his loyalties …

By Karen Bass

Uncertain Soldier cover

Uncertain Soldier

It’s WWII. Erich, a young German prisoner of war who dislikes Nazism, and Max, the twelve-year-old son of German immigrants, become friends when Erich is sent to work at a Canadian logging camp near Max’s town. But with a saboteur haunting the logging camp and anti-German feeling running high in t…

By Karen Bass

Under the Umbrella cover

Under the Umbrella

When the wind snatches a cranky man’s umbrella and drops it at a the feet of little boy outside a patisserie, the hasty curmudgeon slows down long enough for an unlikely friendship to blossom.

By Catherine Buquet & Marion Arbona & Erin Woods

Waiting for Sophie cover

Waiting for Sophie

Waiting for a new baby is hard, and waiting for her to grow up into a playmate is even harder. Luckily Liam’s Nana is just downstairs and always ready to help. When the two of them build a Get-Older-Faster Machine, Liam is surprised to find it’s not Sophie who does the most growing up.

By Sarah Ellis & Carmen Mok

Wash On! cover

Wash On!

Young fans of not-so-obedient heroines like Olivia and Eloise will fall for the mischievous Petronilla who spreads chaos and color around the world

By Michèle Marineau & Manon Gauthier

Water's Children cover

Water’s Children

Twelve children from around the world describe how water appears in their environment, and what it means to them. Their differing experiences are united by the phrase “water is life,” translated into each of their languages.

By Angèle Delaunois & Gérard Frischeteau & Erin Woods

We the Sea Turtles cover

We the Sea Turtles

In a collection of powerful stories by Governor General’s Award-nominated author Michelle Kadarusman, eight children on islands around the world are each changed by a chance meeting with a turtle as they find their own grounding in an increasingly unpredictable world.

By Michelle Kadarusman

What Cats Think cover

What Cats Think

Cats take center stage for a colorful and whimsical celebration of feline personalities featuring the eye-popping illustrations of Mies van Hout.

By John Spray & Mies van Hout

When Dogs Work cover

When Dogs Work

A photographic celebration of working dogs! This is an energetic and educational picture book about the real jobs that dogs do, from guide dog to water rescue dog to actor—these marvellous dogs may surprise you!

By Opal Sinclair

When Elephants Listen with their Feet cover

When Elephants Listen with their Feet

Explore the wild and wonderful world of animal senses with a dynamic work of children’s nonfiction.

By Emmanuelle Grundmann & Clémence Dupont

When Emily Carr Met Woo cover

When Emily Carr Met Woo

A struggling painter who bred dogs to make ends meet, Emily Carr was thought crazy for trading a puppy for a sad monkey in a pet store. Woo the monkey made plenty of mischief, even eating a tube of toxic paint, but she also brought much joy to Emily’s life. A retelling of true events.

By Monica Kulling & Dean Griffiths

When the Rain Comes cover

When the Rain Comes

Timid, young Malini finds unexpected courage when her Sri Lankan community’s rice crop is threatened. A USBBY Outstanding International Book.

By Alma Fullerton & Kim La Fave

Where's Bunny? cover

Where’s Bunny?

A sibling celebration of bedtime routines that School Library Journal calls full of “coziness, happiness, and familial love.”

By Theo Heras & Renne Benoit

While You Sleep cover

While You Sleep

In a collage-filled world in which a child’s beloved toy rabbits come to life to hang the stars and polish the sun, Jennifer Maruno and Miki Sato create a rhyming bedtime tale that is full of depth and rich colour.

By Jennifer Maruno & Miki Sato

Whistling for Angela cover

Whistling for Angela

Daniel is preparing the gift of whistling for his new adoptive baby sister

By Robin Heald & Peggy Collins

Wild One cover

Wild One

Rhyming couplets describe a day in the life of an energetic, little girl who stretches “like a cat” and hangs “like a bat,” while the illustrations show both the child and the succession of imaginary animals she mimics. Her activities wind up with a gentle goodnight as her parents tuck her, “snuggli…

By Jane Whittingham & Noel Tuazon

Windy Days cover

Windy Days

The creators of Snow Days and Sunny Days return with a new Toddler Tough padded hardcover featuring signature collage art and whimsical rhyme

By Deborah Kerbel & Miki Sato

Woodrow at Sea cover

Woodrow at Sea

A fanciful adventure told in a wordless graphic picture book for the very young, in which friendship is the best reward

By Wallace Edwards & Wallace Edwards

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