Dean Griffiths

Dean Griffiths

Dean Griffiths is a popular picture book artist with more than 25 titles to his name. His many awards include the Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Book Prize for Maggie Can’t Wait, the Chocolate Lily Award for Ballerinas Don’t Wear Glasses, and the Rainforest of Reading Award for Bad Pirate. Dean’s most recent books include Good Pirate, Timo’s Garden, and Timo’s Party. Dean lives in Duncan, British Columbia, with his daughter.

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A World of Kindness cover

A World of Kindness

The editors of Pajama Press unite with nine of their celebrated children’s illustrators to create a picture book about the many ways a small child can make the world a kinder place.

By Ann Featherstone & Suzanne Del Rizzo & Brian Deines & Kim La Fave & Tara Anderson & Manon Gauthier & Rebecca Bender & François Thisdale & Wallace Edwards & Dean Griffiths

Bad Pirate cover

Bad Pirate

Her pirate-captain father reminds her to be bold and saucy and selfish, but Augusta can’t help being shy, polite, and helpful; in short, a bad pirate. But when a terrible storm puts the crew in danger, Augusta is bold enough to be true to herself and show that a good pirate can be selfless, too.

By Kari-Lynn Winters & Dean Griffiths

Best Pirate cover

Best Pirate

Scolded for being "clumsy and kindly" instead of "crafty and greedy," young pirate Augusta becomes determined to brave a scary treasure hunt alone. When she and a member of a rival crew both get in trouble, they disobey orders to work together and share the booty.

By Kari-Lynn Winters & Dean Griffiths

Good Pirate cover

Good Pirate

Augusta's pirate-captain father insists that pirates must be rotten, sneaky, and brainy. But Augusta prefers fanciness to foulness. Despite the crew’s opposition, she sets out to prove that a successful pirate can be fancy, sneaky, and brainy, too.

By Kari-Lynn Winters & Dean Griffiths

Hoogie in the Middle cover

Hoogie in the Middle

Pumpkin is big and smart and dependable. Tweezle is small and cute and loveable. Hoogie feels like there is no room for a middle child until Mom and Dad remind her what a special place the middle can be. A perfect primary book for young siblings.

By Stephanie McLellan & Dean Griffiths

Pencil cover


★ "Office supplies have never been more entertaining than they are in this punny tale of friendship and ingenuity."—Foreword Reviews ★ Starred Review

By Ann Ingalls & Dean Griffiths

The Stowaways cover

The Stowaways

Unlike the other Weedle mice, The Stowaways love to go on adventures - even when it means getting close to humans! But when Rory and his Gran plan to rescue Grampa Stowaway, whom everyone else thinks is dead, the adventure may be far more dangerous than he has bargained for.

By Meghan Marentette & Dean Griffiths

Timo Goes Camping cover

Timo Goes Camping

Rich language, varied text features, and a dramatic camping adventure combine in this early reader friendship story

By Victoria Allenby & Dean Griffiths

Timo's Garden cover

Timo's Garden

When Timo signs up for the Great, Green Garden Tour, he feels pressure to make his garden “great” and neglects his friends to work in it. When his friends help him avoid a disaster, he realizes his friendships are more important than pride in his garden.

By Victoria Allenby & Dean Griffiths

Timo's Party cover

Timo's Party

Big parties make Timo's fur stand on end, but hosting one might help make a friend's dream come true. Can the introverted rabbit get through all the preparations, invitations, decorations, and even -- shudder -- conversations the party requires? Full of fun wordplay, graphic text elements, and a rec...

By Victoria Allenby & Dean Griffiths

Tweezle into Everything cover

Tweezle into Everything

Tweezle's not a baby – he's a big boy now! But the rest of the family isn't convinced, until Tweezle has a big idea to help a little friend in need. A primary book for young children who are ready to be "big".

By Stephanie McLellan & Dean Griffiths

When Emily Carr Met Woo cover

When Emily Carr Met Woo

A struggling painter who bred dogs to make ends meet, Emily Carr was thought crazy for trading a puppy for a sad monkey in a pet store. Woo the monkey made plenty of mischief, even eating a tube of toxic paint, but she also brought much joy to Emily's life. A retelling of true events.

By Monica Kulling & Dean Griffiths

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