Karen Bass

Karen Bass

Karen Bass is the multi-award-winning author of a number of novels for young adult readers. Graffiti Knight won the CLA Young Adult Book Award, the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People, the R. Ross Annett Award, and the CAA Exporting Alberta Award, among other honours. Uncertain Soldier won the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People and was a finalist for the OLA Forest of Reading Red Maple Award. Her most recent novel, The Hill, is a White Ravens Selection and a Junior Library Guild Selection, and is nominated for the Forest of Reading Red Maple Award. Karen lives in Hythe, Alberta, where she was the public library manager for sixteen years before turning to full-time writing.

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Books By Karen Bass

Graffiti Knight cover

Graffiti Knight

After a childhood cut short by World War II and the harsh strictures of Nazi Germany,sixteen-year-old Wilm seeks freedom of expression in a city governed by brutal police and oppressive Soviet forces. His graffiti successfully embarrasses the police, but it also endangers the people Wilm holds dear.

By Karen Bass

The Hill cover

The Hill

Seeking cell phone reception after a remote plane crash, city kid Jared and local Kyle scale a hill that Kyle’s Cree grandmother has forbidden him to climb. Coming down the next day, the boys find that the plane has disappeared, the forest has changed, and something is hunting them. A modern imagi...

By Karen Bass

Two Times a Traitor cover

Two Times a Traitor

Reluctantly touring Halifax with his family, twelve-year-old Laz Berenger accidentally stumbles through a time tunnel to a 1745 war zone. Caught by English sailors from the American colonies, his only hope for freedom is to spy for them in the French fortification at Louisbourg, where his loyalties ...

By Karen Bass

Uncertain Soldier cover

Uncertain Soldier

It's WWII. Erich, a young German prisoner of war who dislikes Nazism, and Max, the twelve-year-old son of German immigrants, become friends when Erich is sent to work at a Canadian logging camp near Max’s town. But with a saboteur haunting the logging camp and anti-German feeling running high in t...

By Karen Bass

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