Gérard Frischeteau

Gérard Frischeteau

Gérard Frischeteau has fond memories of the first box of crayons he ever owned. Born in France, he now lives in Montreal, Quebec, where he is a well-known animator, commercial artist, and illustrator. His books for children include Le lutin du jardin, Carcajou, démon des bois, and the popular Louna series. A true perfectionist, he is committed to thorough research that brings authenticity to each of his works.

Books By Gérard Frischeteau

Water's Children cover

Water's Children

Twelve children from around the world describe how water appears in their environment, and what it means to them. Their differing experiences are united by the phrase "water is life," translated into each of their languages.

By Angèle Delaunois & Gérard Frischeteau & Erin Woods

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