Noel Tuazon

Noel Tuazon

Noel Tuazon was born in Manila, Philippines but has been living in Toronto, Ontario since the 1970’s. Noel studied Fine Arts and Art History at the University of Toronto and Animation at Max the Mutt. In 2005 Noel’s first children’s book, Sunny Bear’s Rainy Day by Caryn Tate, was published and his following project was the graphic novel Elk’s Run (2007) by Joshua Hale Fialkov. Since 2006, Noel has also worked on storyboard revisions at Nelvana Animation for TV shows such as Grossology, Babar And The New Adventures of Badou, and Ranger Rob.

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Books By Noel Tuazon

A Good Day for Ducks cover

A Good Day for Ducks

A sturdy padded-cover picture book for very young readers celebrating the joys of rainy days

By Jane Whittingham & Noel Tuazon

Wild One cover

Wild One

Rhyming couplets describe a day in the life of an energetic, little girl who stretches "like a cat" and hangs "like a bat," while the illustrations show both the child and the succession of imaginary animals she mimics. Her activities wind up with a gentle goodnight as her parents tuck her, "snuggli...

By Jane Whittingham & Noel Tuazon

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