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Duck Days cover

Duck Days

The third title in the collection that began with USBBY Outstanding International Book Slug Days. Lauren, a third-grade student who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, takes on the challenges of sharing her best friend and persevering when a classmate mocks her bicycle’s training wheels.

By Sara Leach & Rebecca Bender

Easter Morning, Easter Sun cover

Easter Morning, Easter Sun

A family of cats’ spirited celebration of Easter traditions from the creators of Pumpkin Orange, Pumpkin Round

By Rosanna Battigelli & Tara Anderson

Elephant Journey cover

Elephant Journey

An illustrated true account of three ailing elephants’ journey from a cold Canadian zoo to a sanctuary in California, where they were healed by the warmer climate and more suitable terrain. Includes photographs, index, and author’s note.

By Rob Laidlaw & Brian Deines

Elliot cover


An honest and sensitive story about foster care that Booklist calls “gentle, age-appropriate, [and] free of blame.”

By Julie Pearson & Manon Gauthier

Emily For Real cover

Emily For Real

Emily is quickly learning that life isn’t simple. A failed romance and scandalous family revelations have shaken her to the core. But a new friendship with her classmate Leo is her saving grace and they give each other the courage to face life’s challenges head on.

By Sylvia Gunnery

Escape to the Moon Islands cover

Escape to the Moon Islands

The 2019 Green Earth Award-Winning trilogy opener. Forty years after the earth was devastated by massive flooding, four children on one small sailboat must flee corrupt authorities and overcome the dangers of the sea that drowned their world.

By Mardi McConnochie

Evie Brooks in Central Park Showdown cover

Evie Brooks in Central Park Showdown

Evie Brooks is now happy living in Manhattan with her veterinarian uncle Scott. Busy with new friends and Scott’s latest client, the Central Park Zoo, the feisty Evie is determined not to let her new life be disrupted by the sudden appearance of her long-absent father.

By Sheila Agnew

Evie Brooks is Marooned in Manhattan cover

Evie Brooks is Marooned in Manhattan

It’s a big leap for twelve-year-old Evie when she moves from Dublin to New York, but it was her mother’s final wish that she live with her veterinarian uncle there. Overwhelmed by the city at first, Evie soon discovers a new world and a new self as a part-time assistant at the veterinary clinic.

By Sheila Agnew

Finding Lucy cover

Finding Lucy

A thoughtful young artist is challenged to overcome a series of unruly naysayers and rediscover the value of her creative spirit.

By Eugenie Fernandes & Eugenie Fernandes

Finding Moose cover

Finding Moose

From the creators of the critically acclaimed Raven, Rabbit, Deer, a boy and his grandfather go for a walk in the forest in search of a moose and discover other animals and plants on their way.

By Sue Farrell Holler & Jennifer Faria

French Toast cover

French Toast

Now in paperback! In a celebration of culture and cuisine, a young girl finds resilience against schoolyard teasing as she and her grandmother discuss the things she loves about her mixed heritage.

By Kari-Lynn Winters & François Thisdale

Friends cover


Friends, from the award-winning author-illustrator of Happy, is back at last to celebrate how friends play, fight, and reconcile all over again!

By Mies van Hout

From 1 to 10 cover

From 1 to 10

A bright and vivacious counting book for the very young featuring the paintings of renowned Dutch artist and author Mies van Hout

By Mies van Hout

Giraffe and Bird cover

Giraffe and Bird

The side-splittingly funny un-friendship story with a new title in a new format for younger readers.

By Rebecca Bender & Rebecca Bender

Giraffe and Bird Together Again cover

Giraffe and Bird Together Again

When it comes to adventure, Bird would say Sign me up! Giraffe would say No, thank you. But one day Bird disappears and Giraffe is forced on an adventure of his own–to find and rescue his friend!

By Rebecca Bender & Rebecca Bender

Giraffe Meets Bird cover

Giraffe Meets Bird

A young giraffe is excited when the egg in his tree hatches, but soon he and the baby bird are bickering constantly. When a scary lion forces them to work together, they find a surprising solution. With rich vocabulary illuminated by clever synonyms, a comic adventure for the very young.

By Rebecca Bender & Rebecca Bender

Girl of the Southern Sea cover

Girl of the Southern Sea

A girl from the slums of Jakarta dreams of an education and the chance at a better life. But first she must battle the dangers of local superstition and thwart her father’s plans for her life.

By Michelle Kadarusman

Going for a Sea Bath cover

Going for a Sea Bath

The silliest father-daughter seaside bath time book is now a quality board book with tactile elements.

By Andrée Poulin & Anne-Claire Delisle & Erin Woods

Good Morning, Grumple cover

Good Morning, Grumple

This little fox is a grumple: someone who doesn’t like to get up in the morning. Luckily, his mother knows just the right combination of kisses, tickles, and songs to get her little one up and ready to greet the day.

By Victoria Allenby & Manon Gauthier

Good Pirate cover

Good Pirate

Augusta’s pirate-captain father insists that pirates must be rotten, sneaky, and brainy. But Augusta prefers fanciness to foulness. Despite the crew’s opposition, she sets out to prove that a successful pirate can be fancy, sneaky, and brainy, too.

By Kari-Lynn Winters & Dean Griffiths

Graffiti Knight cover

Graffiti Knight

After a childhood cut short by World War II and the harsh strictures of Nazi Germany,sixteen-year-old Wilm seeks freedom of expression in a city governed by brutal police and oppressive Soviet forces. His graffiti successfully embarrasses the police, but it also endangers the people Wilm holds dear.

By Karen Bass

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