Colleen Nelson

Colleen Nelson

Colleen Nelson earned her Bachelor of Education from the University of Manitoba in her hometown of Winnipeg. Her previous novels include Blood Brothers, selected as the 2018 McNally Robinson Book of the Year for Young People, and Pulse Point, selected as one of the CBC’s Most Anticipated YA Books of 2018. Colleen writes daily in between appearances at hockey rinks and soccer fields in support of her two sports-loving sons.

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Books By Colleen Nelson

Harvey Comes Home cover

Harvey Comes Home

The award-winning story of a lost West Highland Terrier warming hearts and bringing generations together

By Colleen Nelson & Tara Anderson

Harvey Holds His Own cover

Harvey Holds His Own

The West Highland Terrier that brought Harvey Comes Home to life returns with his tail wagging and his nose sharp, ready for a new adventure.

By Colleen Nelson & Tara Anderson

Harvey Takes the Lead cover

Harvey Takes the Lead

A third adventure in the award-winning Harvey Stories! Everyone’s favourite West Highland Terrier brings his sharp nose and comforting personality to a new set of challenges heart-warming solutions.

By Colleen Nelson & Tara Anderson

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It cover

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

Full-colour profiles feature twenty-five diverse individuals who followed a wide range of paths to fascinating careers. Young readers will be equipped for their own journeys with tips, resources, and spotlight features about other young people who are already engaging with their chosen fields.

By Colleen Nelson & Kathie MacIsaac

Mystery at the Biltmore cover

Mystery at the Biltmore

From the award-winning author of The Umbrella House comes a mystery with twists, turns, and suspects galore. Will Elodie LaRue, the daughter of globe-trotting art crime investigators, be able to prove she has what it takes to solve a crime?

By Colleen Nelson & Peggy Collins

See It, Dream It, Do It cover

See It, Dream It, Do It

From award-winning author Colleen Nelson, and literacy advocate Kathie MacIsaac, twenty-five profiles present a plethora of jobs, and people, making it easier than ever for young people to see their dreams and to live their dreams! 

By Colleen Nelson & Kathie MacIsaac

Teaching Mrs. Muddle cover

Teaching Mrs. Muddle

Fall in love at first blunder with a wisely foolish kindergarten teacher who makes the first day of school an experience to remember

By Colleen Nelson & Alice Carter

The Umbrella House cover

The Umbrella House

From the award-winning author of The Undercover Book List, a tale of community, found family, and the power of art to tell a story and make a change.

By Colleen Nelson

The Undercover Book List cover

The Undercover Book List

From the award-winning author of Harvey Comes Home, a middle-school story about a girl in need of a friend, a boy in need of a chance, and the secret book club that brings them together

By Colleen Nelson

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