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Animals Move cover

Animals Move

From the Big, Little Concepts series, a multilayered concept book that highlights baby animal names and dynamic movements in perfect-for-preschoolers rhyme

By Jane Whittingham

Baby Cakes cover

Baby Cakes

Baby and his older sister are helping with the baking, but kitty wants to help too. After some mischief, messes, and minor mishaps, everybody gets to enjoy the treats together.

By Theo Heras & Renne Benoit

Ballewiena cover


The award-winning creator of the Giraffe and Bird books introduces Dotty the dancing dachshund to celebrate the gifts of those who struggle to "sit" and "stay"

By Rebecca Bender

Broom for Two cover

Broom for Two

When a little witch’s broom is ruined, help from an unlikely new friend, a persevering attitude, and a bit of magic, may be exactly what she needs to get back in the air. From celebrated author Jennifer Maruno and award-winning illustrator Scot Ritchie.

By Jennifer Maruno & Scot Ritchie

Dinos Driving cover

Dinos Driving

In a smart and silly picture book enriched with preschool-friendly facts and activities, Lynn Leitch and the acclaimed Scot Ritchie propose the perfect modes of transport for 8 charismatic dinosaurs. 

By Lynn Leitch & Scot Ritchie

Friends cover


Friends, from the award-winning author-illustrator of Happy, is back at last to celebrate how friends play, fight, and reconcile all over again!

By Mies van Hout

Teaching Mrs. Muddle cover

Teaching Mrs. Muddle

Fall in love at first blunder with a wisely foolish kindergarten teacher who makes the first day of school an experience to remember

By Colleen Nelson & Alice Carter

The Imaginary Alphabet cover

The Imaginary Alphabet

Discover Sylvie Daigneault’s fantastical alphabet art world, a game of discovery, and more.

By Sylvie Daigneault

Tweezle into Everything cover

Tweezle into Everything

Tweezle's not a baby – he's a big boy now! But the rest of the family isn't convinced, until Tweezle has a big idea to help a little friend in need. A primary book for young children who are ready to be "big".

By Stephanie McLellan & Dean Griffiths

Wash On! cover

Wash On!

Young fans of not-so-obedient heroines like Olivia and Eloise will fall for the mischievous Petronilla who spreads chaos and color around the world

By Michèle Marineau & Manon Gauthier

Where's Bunny? cover

Where's Bunny?

A sibling celebration of bedtime routines that School Library Journal calls full of “coziness, happiness, and familial love.”

By Theo Heras & Renne Benoit

Zander Stays cover

Zander Stays

If Zander the goose wants to stay put for the winter, he’ll have to brave the cold and learn from new friends to adapt. A feathered tale sure to spark a gaggle of giggles by award-winning author Maureen Fergus and acclaimed illustrator Scot Ritchie. 

By Maureen Fergus & Scot Ritchie

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