Kari-Lynn Winters

Kari-Lynn Winters

Dr. Kari-Lynn Winters is an award-winning Canadian children’s author, poet, playwright, performer, and academic scholar. Since 2007, she has authored over 33 books. Kari-Lynn has received the British Columbia Book Prize silver medal twice and has garnered multiple nominations for awards such as the Forest of Reading (e.g., French Toast) and the Chocolate Lily Awards (e.g., Good Pirate). Notably, her book, Bad Pirate won the prestigious Rainforest of Reading Award. Currently holding a Full Professor position in Brock University ‘s Faculty of Education, Dr. Winters teaches literacy and the arts to teacher candidates. Her love of teaching is evident and enjoys being in the classroom. She lives in St. Catharines, ON.  For more information about Kari-Lynn, please see her website: www.kariwinters.com.

Books By Kari-Lynn Winters

Bad Pirate cover

Bad Pirate

Her pirate-captain father reminds her to be bold and saucy and selfish, but Augusta can’t help being shy, polite, and helpful; in short, a bad pirate. But when a terrible storm puts the crew in danger, Augusta is bold enough to be true to herself and show that a good pirate can be selfless, too.

By Kari-Lynn Winters & Dean Griffiths

Best Pirate cover

Best Pirate

Scolded for being "clumsy and kindly" instead of "crafty and greedy," young pirate Augusta becomes determined to brave a scary treasure hunt alone. When she and a member of a rival crew both get in trouble, they disobey orders to work together and share the booty.

By Kari-Lynn Winters & Dean Griffiths

French Toast cover

French Toast

Now in paperback! In a celebration of culture and cuisine, a young girl finds resilience against schoolyard teasing as she and her grandmother discuss the things she loves about her mixed heritage.

By Kari-Lynn Winters & François Thisdale

Good Pirate cover

Good Pirate

Augusta's pirate-captain father insists that pirates must be rotten, sneaky, and brainy. But Augusta prefers fanciness to foulness. Despite the crew’s opposition, she sets out to prove that a successful pirate can be fancy, sneaky, and brainy, too.

By Kari-Lynn Winters & Dean Griffiths

On the Line cover

On the Line

Jackson doubts that he can be a great hockey player like the rest of his family, but his confidence soars when he organizes an equipment drive to collect hockey gear for his teammates so they can all participate in a local tournament

By Kari-Lynn Winters & Scot Ritchie

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