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A Smile cover

A Smile

The beloved poem from French poet and humanitarian Raoul Follereau, translated for a modern child with exquisite paper-collage art from internationally award-winning illustrator Hoda Hadadi

By Raoul Follereau & Hoda Hadadi

A World of Mindfulness cover

A World of Mindfulness

From the creators of A World of Kindness, a meditative sensory picture book with arresting art from fourteen illustrators featuring several award-winning artists like Scot Ritchie, Suzanne Del Rizzo, and many more. Now in paperback!

By Erin Alladin & Suzanne Del Rizzo & Rebecca Bender & Gabrielle Grimard & Tara Anderson & François Thisdale & Scot Ritchie & Miki Sato & Tamara Campeau & Emma Pedersen & Carmen Mok & Aino Anto & Sue Macartney & Amélie Dubois & Andrea Blinick

A Year of Borrowed Men cover

A Year of Borrowed Men

When World War II "borrows" most of the men in Germany, seven-year-old Gerda's family is allowed to borrow three French prisoners of war to help run their farm. They are supposed to treat the men as enemies, but the family finds clever ways to show kindness and friendship. Based on a true story.

By Michelle Barker & Renne Benoit

Ballewiena cover


The award-winning creator of the Giraffe and Bird books introduces Dotty the dancing dachshund to celebrate the gifts of those who struggle to "sit" and "stay"

By Rebecca Bender

Berani cover


From the Governor General’s Award-nominated author of Music for Tigers and Girl of the Southern Sea, a passionate story about environmental activism, difficult choices, and the cost of doing the right thing

By Michelle Kadarusman

Community Soup cover

Community Soup

In a garden outside a Kenyan schoolhouse, teachers and students are gathering their vegetables for soup. But all Kioni brought today were her troublesome goats. How can they contribute?

By Alma Fullerton & Alma Fullerton

Friends cover


Friends, from the award-winning author-illustrator of Happy, is back at last to celebrate how friends play, fight, and reconcile all over again!

By Mies van Hout

Happy cover


Back in print at last! A dazzling new edition of Mies van Hout’s beloved art book of emotional literacy

By Mies van Hout & Mies van Hout

Out of the Valley of Horses cover

Out of the Valley of Horses

From the award-winning author of Nim’s Island and Dragonfly Song, a gripping novel about a family’s will to endure, mystical horses, and the beauty of self-sufficiency and restoration.

By Wendy Orr

Percy's Perfect Friend cover

Percy's Perfect Friend

From the award-winning team of author Lana Button and illustrator Peggy Collins, a heartfelt story about learning to socialize through the power of play, and the magic of a plush cat to unite new friends

By Lana Button & Peggy Collins

Room for More cover

Room for More

Two wombats offer shelter to animals fleeing a bushfire as Governor General’s Award finalist Michelle Kadarusman offers a child-friendly introduction to themes of environmental disaster, climate change, and welcoming refugees

By Michelle Kadarusman & Maggie Zeng

Secret Gardeners cover

Secret Gardeners

Detailed information about all aspects of gardening is packaged into a heartfelt story of community action in which three bright children, with the help of neighborhood volunteers, bring new life and hope to a forgotten garden.

By Lina Laurent & Maija Hurme & Sofia Karlsson & Jen Pulju Porter

Sun Dog cover

Sun Dog

From Suzanne Del Rizzo, award-winning illustrator of My Beautiful Birds, and author Deborah Kerbel comes a unique story about a brave sled dog puppy's adventures under the Arctic Circle's midnight sun.

By Deborah Kerbel & Suzanne Del Rizzo

Teaching Mrs. Muddle cover

Teaching Mrs. Muddle

Fall in love at first blunder with a wisely foolish kindergarten teacher who makes the first day of school an experience to remember

By Colleen Nelson & Alice Carter

The Only Lonely Fairy cover

The Only Lonely Fairy

From the creators of Percy’s Perfect Friend. Melodramatic Leah goes through all the highs and lows of schoolyard rejection, a joyful new friendship, and empathetic generosity toward other lonely souls. 

By Lana Button & Peggy Collins

The Skeleton Coast cover

The Skeleton Coast

Mardi McConnochie delivers the climactic finale to the action-packed cli-fi trilogy that began with The Flooded Earth.

By Mardi McConnochie

The Theory of Hummingbirds cover

The Theory of Hummingbirds

A moving novel for middle-grade readers that is not about overcoming disability, but rather becoming one’s truest self

By Michelle Kadarusman

The Umbrella House cover

The Umbrella House

From the award-winning author of The Undercover Book List, a tale of community, found family, and the power of art to tell a story and make a change.

By Colleen Nelson

The Undercover Book List cover

The Undercover Book List

From the award-winning author of Harvey Comes Home, a middle-school story about a girl in need of a friend, a boy in need of a chance, and the secret book club that brings them together

By Colleen Nelson

The Unique Lou Fox cover

The Unique Lou Fox

Fifth-grader Louisa, who has dyslexia and ADHD, handles new challenges with personality and flair—whether they are strict teachers, friendship troubles, her debut as a playwright, or the expected arrival of a new baby sibling

By Jodi Carmichael

Tickled Pink cover

Tickled Pink

Inclusion, self-esteem, and the value of true friendship are celebrated in the charismatic art of Lucile Danis Drouot and blithe text of award-winning author Andrée Poulin.

By Andrée Poulin & Lucile Danis Drouot

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