Tamara Campeau

Tamara Campeau

Tamara Campeau’s illustration journey began at Dawson College in Montreal, where she earned her associate’s degree in illustration and design. Shortly after, she furthered her studies at Ontario’s Sheridan College, where she attained her illustration bachelor’s degree with honours. Tamara works digitally, using strong lighting and vibrant colour palettes to bring stories to life in her painterly illustrations. She loves creating endearing characters with a strong sense of personality and emotions, taking inspiration from wildlife, children, and the environments they reside in. When she’s not at her desk, Tamara can be found breaking a sweat at the local gym or exploring nature with her standard poodle, Peanut.

Tamara also contributed to A World of Mindfulness (2020) in collaboration with 13 other Pajama Press illustrators.

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Books By Tamara Campeau

A World of Mindfulness cover

A World of Mindfulness

From the creators of A World of Kindness, a meditative sensory picture book with arresting art from fourteen illustrators featuring several award-winning artists like Scot Ritchie, Suzanne Del Rizzo, and many more. Now in paperback!

By Erin Alladin & Suzanne Del Rizzo & Rebecca Bender & Gabrielle Grimard & Tara Anderson & François Thisdale & Scot Ritchie & Miki Sato & Tamara Campeau & Emma Pedersen & Carmen Mok & Aino Anto & Sue Macartney & Amélie Dubois & Andrea Blinick

Hello, Dark cover

Hello, Dark

A child overcomes his fear of the dark by imagining it as a shadowy friend to play with and by recognizing it as a necessary force of nature

By Wai Mei Wong & Tamara Campeau

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