Raoul Follereau

Raoul Follereau

Raoul Follereau (1903-1977) was a French writer and humanitarian. He established World Leprosy Day (the last Sunday in January each year) and worked tirelessly for the dignity of the poor and marginalized. In France, his name is found on schools, streets, and squares. Today, in seventeen countries, you can find associations that bear the name ‘Raoul Follereau’ and continue his work. His ever-popular poem ‘A Smile’ has been translated into many languages, and is valued for its simple, uplifting message.

Books By Raoul Follereau

A Smile cover

A Smile

The beloved poem from French poet and humanitarian Raoul Follereau, translated for a modern child with exquisite paper-collage art from internationally award-winning illustrator Hoda Hadadi

By Raoul Follereau & Hoda Hadadi

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