A World of Mindfulness

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A World of Mindfulness

Picture Book for Children Ages 3–6
ISBN: 978-1-77278-138-0 (HC) / 978-1-77278-272-1 (PB)
List Price: $22.95 CAD / $17.95 USD (HC) | $14.95 CAD / $12.95 USD (PB)
Hardcover with dust jacket & reinforced trade binding
Trim Size: 9 x 10 inches / 22.86 x 25.4 cm
Pages: 32

Publication Date: November 3, 2020

Paperback with flaps
Trim Size: 9 x 10 inches / 22.86 x 25.4 cm
Pages: 32

Publication Date: February 28, 2023

Distributed in the U.S. by Ingram Publisher Services

Rights Available: World ex. North America

From the creators of A World of Kindness, a meditative, sensory picture book with arresting art from fourteen illustrators featuring several exciting new artists

I am here. I know who I am. I breathe in the smell of sun-warmed grass and it fills my lungs with energy.

Parents, educators, and health practitioners everywhere are recognizing the importance of mindfulness practice, particularly for children. Meditation and yoga are becoming common activities in kindergarten classes and beyond. Taking time to be still and pay attention to their thoughts and bodies helps kids feel calm, focused, and in control. In A World of Mindfulness, meditative text reflects on the sensory ways children experience life, from the feeling of their muscles when they run…to the sound of a turning page…to the memory-laden taste of fresh-baked cookies. Positive and negative emotions are alike acknowledged and affirmed, and a strong sense of self is reinforced.

Richly illustrated by fourteen artists will all-new original art, A World of Mindfulness will create its own quiet moments as children revisit its lavish pages. A closing note about mindfulness practice rounds out this picture book, making it a helpful resource for homes, classrooms, and beyond.

Learn more about each of the illustrators who collaborated on A World of Mindfulness: Tara Anderson, Aino Anto, Rebecca Bender, Andrea Blinick, Tamara Campeau, Suzanne Del Rizzo, Amélie Dubois, Gabrielle Grimard, Sue Macartney, Carmen Mok, Emma Pedersen, Scot Ritchie, Miki Sato, François Thisdale.

Awards and Honours:

2021 CCBC Spring Best Books for Kids & Teens Selection

2023 TD Summer Reading Club Top Recommended Reads Selection

“[The illustrations] are soothing and promote thinking in the moment about one’s environment and feelings….The gentle writing and age-appropriate examples make this a useful book for little ones.”—Booklist

“An effectively grounding read.”—Publishers Weekly

“With its meditative words that encourage slow reading, this book can be used as a practical introduction to mindfulness meditation, as an example of the practice, and as a guide.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Mindfulness practice, such as meditation and yoga, can be helpful to children making them feel calm, focused and more in control….This collaborative picture book is ‘dedicated to all children struggling to navigate our uncertain world.’”—Postmedia

“Pajama Press has gathered 14 exceptional Canadian artists to project the calming feelings that can be invoked by our senses: smelling fresh grass, feeling the warmth of the sun, hearing the sound of birds or experiencing the joy of creating things and more.”—Winnipeg Free Press

“This book transcends categorization as it tells a story of tranquility, instructs a generation on mindfulness, and opens a conversation about self-care for every age…. A World of Mindfulness is a wonderful resource for parents and educators as it makes mindfulness practice for children accessible and uncomplicated…Highly Recommended.”—Canadian Review of Materials

“A meditative text, accompanied by beautiful images demonstrates the importance for children on being quiet and reflective some times.”—The International Educator

“The art of A World of Mindfulness is striking and unique….As diverse as the ways to attain mindfulness, the illustrators of A World of Mindfulness explore the concept with their own form of creativity….Whether for quality of life or therapy, mindfulness works and so does A World of Mindfulness.”—CanLit for LittleCanadians

“Particularly this year, with the lack of structure and routine, proliferation of screen time, and societal anxiety, this book can help children stop and find balance and calm in their lives.  The illustrations are beautiful and show the beauty of our world and the diversity of our peoples….This is a beautiful book and an apt one for this difficult year.”—Canadian Bookworm

“The artwork is created in a variety of media, and is beautifully rendered to bring a sense of calm and to empower readers to take note of the world that surrounds them every day. The well-chosen words offer a chance to think about self, nature, feelings, movement, and place in that world.”—Sal’s Fiction Addiction

“In these uncertain times, this book felt so grounding to me. [T]he words and illustrations were soothing enough and a great reminder to anyone, regardless of age that living in the moment, breathing, feeling, and finding your calm is not only a faint possibility, but within all of our grasp in one way or another.”—Mr. Alex’s Bookshelf

“[A] beautiful picture book about children finding their calm through their senses. Not just a story but also a resourceful book to help children manage their emotions, have positive experiences and stay resilient and celebrate life around them.”—It’s a Librarian Life