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Pajama Press publishes relevant, enduring children’s books that uplift readers—and never talk down to them.

  • High-quality formats
  • Relevant topics
  • Compelling stories
  • Useful back matter
  • Award-winning books!

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A Sky-Blue Bench cover

A Sky-Blue Bench

A young Afghan amputee matter-of-factly removes her own barrier to education, building a bench from discarded wood so that she and her "helper-leg" can sit through school in comfort.

By Bahram Rahman & Peggy Collins

Cocoa Magic cover

Cocoa Magic

In a story where empathy and generosity shine as much as the tempered chocolates, eight-year-old Daniel learns from his chocolatier great-uncle and discovers how much comfort a small act of kindness can bring

By Sandra Bradley & Gabrielle Grimard

Friends cover


Friends, from the award-winning author-illustrator of Happy, is back at last to celebrate how friends play, fight, and reconcile all over again!

By Mies van Hout

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It cover

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

Full-colour profiles feature twenty-five diverse individuals who followed a wide range of paths to fascinating careers. Young readers will be equipped for their own journeys with tips, resources, and spotlight features about other young people who are already engaging with their chosen fields.

By Colleen Nelson & Kathie MacIsaac

Percy's Perfect Friend cover

Percy's Perfect Friend

From the award-winning team of author Lana Button and illustrator Peggy Collins, a heartfelt story about learning to socialize through the power of play, and the magic of a plush cat to unite new friends

By Lana Button & Peggy Collins

See It, Dream It, Do It cover

See It, Dream It, Do It

From award-winning author Colleen Nelson, and literacy advocate Kathie MacIsaac, twenty-five profiles present a plethora of jobs, and people, making it easier than ever for young people to see their dreams and to live their dreams! 

By Colleen Nelson & Kathie MacIsaac

The Umbrella House cover

The Umbrella House

From the award-winning author of The Undercover Book List, a tale of community, found family, and the power of art to tell a story and make a change.

By Colleen Nelson

The Undercover Book List cover

The Undercover Book List

From the award-winning author of Harvey Comes Home, a middle-school story about a girl in need of a friend, a boy in need of a chance, and the secret book club that brings them together

By Colleen Nelson

Under the Umbrella cover

Under the Umbrella

When the wind snatches a cranky man's umbrella and drops it at a the feet of little boy outside a patisserie, the hasty curmudgeon slows down long enough for an unlikely friendship to blossom.

By Catherine Buquet & Marion Arbona & Erin Woods

What Cats Think cover

What Cats Think

Cats take center stage for a colorful and whimsical celebration of feline personalities featuring the eye-popping illustrations of Mies van Hout.

By John Spray & Mies van Hout

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