Alicia Padrón

Alicia Padrón

Alicia Padrón is a full-time children’s illustrator who loves creating adorable characters in watercolour and other media. Her books include ABC, Baby Me!, I Love You All Year Round, and The Wish Trees. Alicia lives in Venezuela with her husband, their two children, and two dogs.

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Books By Alicia Padrón

Little Fox, Lost cover

Little Fox, Lost

Little Fox is lost in the snowy forest. When an old owl offers to help him find his way home, Little Fox remembers his mother's rhyming warning to stay still if he is lost. Instead of following a stranger, Little Fox finds a better solution: He lets the other animals help him sing his mother's rhyme...

By Nicole Snitselaar & Alicia Padrón & Erin Woods

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