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By Victoria Allenby & Dean Griffiths

Timo’s Party

Can Timo the introverted rabbit get through all the preparations, invitations, decorations, and even — shudder — conversations the party requires? Full of fun wordplay, graphic text elements, and a recipe for apple cake

Big parties make Timo’s fur stand on end. But hosting one might be the key to helping his friend Hedgewick’s culinary dreams come true; a famous food critic is coming to town, and an apple festival in Timo’s orchard would be just the thing to showcase Hedgewick’s cooking. So the introverted rabbit begins to prepare the party, one invitation, decoration and arrangement at a time. But when the big day arrives, will the support from his friends and his belief in Hedgewick’s cooking be enough to impress Madame LaPointe?

With innovative text inserts reflecting invitations and news articles, and Dean Griffiths’ expressive full-color illustrations, Timo’s Party offers a friendly world and relatable problems for young readers to navigate. In this sequel to Victoria Allenby’s Timo’s Garden, an encouraging cast of friends helps Timo work past his fears to make Hedgewick’s cooking and the Apple Festival a scrumptious success! Also included is a recipe for a delicious apple cake that will inspire children to give hosting a try for themselves.

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Ages 5-8
ISBN: 978-1-77278-008-6
List Price: $12.95 CAD / $10.95 USD
Hardback with reinforced binding & laminated cover
Trim Size: 5.50 x 8.25 inches / 13.97 x 20.955cm
Pages: 48

Distributed in Canada by University of Toronto Press

Distributed in the U.S. by Ingram Publisher Services

Carton Quantity: 72

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Awards and Honours

  • 2017 Best Books for Kids & Teens selection (Commended) (Canada)



Praise for Timo’s Party

2017 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Books for Kids & Teens selection

“In addition to displaying kindness and friendship, the narrative deals with courage and anxiety in a way that children can understand and potentially identify within themselves. There are just enough colorful illustrations to make the text less intimidating for those beginning to read independently…[A] solid addition to beginner chapter books.”—School Library Journal

“Full-color illustrations adorn almost every spread…many will relate to Timo’s very human worries about his party skills. A recipe for apple banana cake appears on the final page. This warmhearted animal tale is a good choice for settings where longer stories for newly independent readers are needed.”—Kirkus Reviews

“The warm, detailed illustrations evoke a comfortable small-town charm, sure to entice readers to visit Toadstool Corners again and again. The book also does a nice job of highlighting everyday texts within the narrative, including lists, invitations, and newspaper articles, which could prompt discussion about the importance of reading and writing in daily life….Depicting acts of courage, selflessness, and kindness, Timo’s Party is wholly designed to support its readers’ character development….[T]his latest iteration of Timo and friends offers another gentle and useful tale about the power of friendship.”—Resource Links

“There is a lot to love about Timo’s Party. The premise and its attentive execution are particularly noteworthy. Timo is honestly anxious about hosting a party but decides to do it anyway. The story provides tools for dealing with intimidating situations…and gives tips on dealing with mild social anxiety as well as navigating social situations…Not only does the book have some good advice, but it embeds that advice in a story that children will want to read.”—CM Magazine

“All [of the Timo books] are charming, enhanced by the wonderfully colorful and detailed illustrations by Dean Griffiths.”—Youth Services Book Review

Timo’s Party is an exceptional early reader for imparting an engaging life lesson. But author Victoria Allenby never preaches or instructs…Instead, she swathes that message in Timo’s daily experiences, taking advantage of a true story-telling opportunity….Dean Griffiths’s artwork helps take the reader into the friendly world of Toadstool Corners. From the plaid jacketed Timo with his subtle smile and relaxed ears, to the rose-toqued badger Rae and the bustling Hedgewick, Dean Griffiths gives life to the animals in Timo’s Party, taking them from characters to neighbours. And, let me say, we are all pleased to have been invited to this party, and look forward to more good times in Timo’s neighbourhood.”—CanLit for LittleCanadians

“We rated this book: [5/5]…I loved Timo’s Party; it was amazing. I was so excited to review Timo’s Party because I have read the first Timo book, Timo’s Garden, and loved it. This book was just as good as the first Timo book. It is broken into short, easy-to-read chapters, with colorful illustrations. It is great for kids who are just starting chapter books….I really hope Victoria Allenby will write more Timo books because I love them.”—Jewel, Age 9, Kids’ Book Buzz

“Each chapter is accompanied by colorful and detailed illustrations helping readers follow character and plot. [Timo’s Party] provide[s] just the right amount of excitement and suspense to keep readers engaged. Timo and his friends are sure to become favorites!”—New York Botanical Gardens

“Enjoy the full-color illustrations of these happy-faced apple-loving animals.”—Vermont Country Sampler

“What a fun little book about a friend who looks out for his friends. Lovely illustrations, and we hope to make the included recipe – Hedgewick’s Happy Apple-Banana Cake.”—Book Time


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