Princess Pistachio and Maurice the Magnificent cover

By Marie-Louise Gay & Marie-Louise Gay

Princess Pistachio and Maurice the Magnificent

When Pistachio’s dog earns a starring role in a play, she can’t talk about anything else for months. But the fame and fun cause trouble when Pistachio’s best friend Madeline starts to feel left out

Pistachio is worried about her dog. All he does is sleep…and eat…and sleep. What a boring life! An audition call for a theater production seems like the perfect answer. When Dog is chosen for the role, his life is abruptly transformed with a new job and a new name: Maurice the Magnificent, star of Sleeping Beauty!

Unfortunately, Maurice is not the only one being swept up in the excitement. Pistachio can talk about nothing else, until her best friend Madeline is completely fed up. Then disaster strikes: Maurice is dog-napped! Pistachio is distraught, and Madeline will not even lift a finger to help. Can Pistachio save both her dog and her friendship?

An exuberant new installment for the popular Princess Pistachio from beloved author-illustrator Marie-Louise Gay.

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Ages 5-8
ISBN: 978-1-77278-021-5
List Price: $12.95 CAD / $10.95 USD
Hardback with reinforced binding & laminated cover
Trim Size: 5.50 x 8.25 inches / 13.97 x 20.955cm
Pages: 52

Distributed in Canada by University of Toronto Press

Distributed in the U.S. by Ingram Publisher Services

Carton Quantity: 72

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Awards and Honours

  • 2018 Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books for Kids & Teens Spring selection (Commended) (Canada)



Praise for Princess Pistachio and Maurice the Magnificent

2018 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Books for Kids & Teens Spring selection

★ STARRED REVIEW “Irrepressible Princess Pistachio is back in all her enthusiastic glory….Gay’s easy, breezy syntax is wonderfully descriptive even as it skillfully addresses life lessons about friendship, self-involvement, and forgiveness. The cast of characters is eccentric and diverse, and teacher Mr. Grumblebrain’s name is wonderfully inventive. Ink, watercolor, and colored pencil illustrations are full of life and humor, perfectly complementing the action. Breathless, laugh-out-loud fun.”—Kirkus Reviews Starred Review

“This lighthearted story about a young girl and her lazy dog will entice young readers who are venturing into chapter books….VERDICT The child appeal of this tale will keep independent readers chuckling and wanting more; a strongly recommended purchase.”—School Library Journal

“For the primary crowd, [Princess Pistachio and Maurice the Magnificent] would likely work best as a read-aloud…Alternatively, it would be a good fit for slightly more developed readers transitioning to chapters. The text is quite humorous, and the silliness in the character’s names and antics will delight the young crowd. Whimsical drawings in Gay’s signature style are on each page, and the layout of text and illustrations will be very appealing for the targeted age.”—Resource Links

“Young readers making the transition to chapter books will once again be thrilled to read about the adventures of intrepid Pistachio and her bored dog, Maurice the Magnificent. The text is easy to read but challenging enough to engage young readers who will definitely be able to relate to the action in the story….Highly Recommended.”—CM Magazine

“I am a major Marie-Louise Gay fan so the illustrations done in India ink, watercolor, ink and colored pencils won me over immediately. Maurice is a very cute, lovable, lazy dog and the story is wonderful.”—Youth Services Book Review

Princess Pistachio and Maurice the Magnificent is Marie-Louise Gay’s third tale about a scheming little red-haired nutter named Pistachio Shoelace. An ode to children’s devotion to their pets and their ensuing adventures…Gay’s charming pen, ink, and watercolour drawings are scattered throughout the text, and include especially adorable drawings of all kinds of dogs.”—Montreal Review of Books

“For fans who have been waiting for a new adventure with Princess Pistachio, your wait is over! She is as feisty and positive as ever…[R]ead this new book from the incomparable Marie-Louise Gay. You won’t be disappointed!”—Sal’s Fiction Addiction

“I’d join others in applauding Maurice the Magnificent’s performance but I think we should extend those accolades to Marie-Louise Gay who can do no wrong in her storytelling or illustrating….Princess Pistachio and Maurice the Magnificent is a worthy addition to this absolutely marvelously magnificent [collection] that is ever entertaining and endearing!”—CanLit for LittleCanadians

“I liked the way the book showed that everybody has undiscovered talents, despite first impressions. I also liked the way the situation led to new understanding for both Pistachio and Madeline, and modeled a good way to deal with issues between friends.”—Canadian Bookworm

“This book is good for little kids, but they might need other people to read it to them because it has some big words. It is a short chapter book with four chapters. If you like dogs and shows, you’ll like this book!”—Clementine, Age 6, Kids’ BookBuzz

“[A] wonderful little chapter book with very endearing illustrations starring the Princess and her dog, Dog….Gay’s watercolour, and coloured-pencil work bring the text alive and is full of humour, detail and action. The story is very well-written and has a plot that kids can identify with and enjoy tremendously. I highly, highly recommend this book. Storywraps Rating – 5″—Storywraps

“This delightful Princess Pistachio chapter book adventure is deliciously funny and thoroughly satisfying. Pistachio is not daunted when she is presented with a problem, and her optimism is refreshing and inspiring.”—Through the Looking Glass Children’s Book Reviews

“Pistachio is an entertaining character that kids will find relatable as she goes about her daily life. Gay uses easy, humorous syntax that will engage kids as they learn lessons about friendship. This is a funny story with cute, doodle-like illustrations that would be perfect for children ages 5-9.”—The Crimson Review of Children’s & YA Literature


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