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By Gilles Tibo & Manon Gauthier & Erin Woods

All The World a Poem

In Gilles Tibo’s wonder-filled tribute to poetry, poems bloom in fields, fly on the wings of birds, and float on the foam of the sea. The verses bring poetry to the level of a child.

Poems tall or short or wide—

All are infinite inside.

Each poem is illustrated with Manon Gauthier’s whimsical paper collage art, which is both child-like and sophisticated.

Rhymed or unrhymed, regular or irregular, the verses bring not just poems but the very concept of poetry to the level of a child, making them accessible to all. If all the world is a poem, then anyone can be a poet!

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Ages 5-12
ISBN: 978-1-77278-009-3
List Price: $18.95 CAD / $16.95 USD
Hardback with reinforced binding & with printed dust jacket
Trim Size: 9.00 x 9.00 inches / 22.86 x 22.86cm
Pages: 32

Distributed in Canada by University of Toronto Press

Distributed in the U.S. by Ingram Publisher Services

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About this book

Awards and Honours

  • 2017 Best Books for Kids & Teens Starred Selection (Commended) (Canada)
  • 2017 Cybils Award: Poetry (Long-listed) (United States)



Praise for All The World a Poem

2017 Best Books for Kids & Teens Starred Selection

2017 Cybils Award: Poetry longlist

“Unexpected similes and metaphors help the reader see poems in many ways, linking them to nature, feelings and the joy in life…the emphasis on sensations such as flying and floating, feelings of affection and companionship will bring the poems into relief for the young child hearing them…The poetically quirky spirit of Tibo’s text is well served by the playful collage illustrations of Manon Gauthier. The text (sometimes running on an angle across the page) and images are placed in interesting and varied relationships…The illustrations richly reflect the poems’ celebration of nature…”—Quill & Quire

“The wide-eyed, button-nosed young poets in Gauthier’s collages give this collection much of its appeal. Drawn on paper, cut out, and placed against backdrops filled with scribbled and scumbled textures, the children look at the world, think about poetry, and try writing it….By portraying children as poets, Gauthier (Elliot) presents poetry as something that belongs to everyone—not just grownups.”—Publishers Weekly

“This title fits nicely into any poetry unit for early childhood and primary grades.”—Ingram Library Services

“Poetry lives, falls from the sky, floats on the sea, and tumbles from the heart, in All the World a Poem, a flowing collection of verses from Gilles Tibo…Cut-paper-and-crayon collage art by Manon Gauthier adds to a youthful sense of wonder, as young poets are invited to see and share the beauty and inspiration in nature, emotion, friendship, and all the world around them.”—Foreword Reviews

“Some of Gilles Tibo’s poetry is decidedly child friendly…and some is sophisticated…Manon Gauthier’s collage art…will draw the attention of young children to this picture book.”—ILA Literacy Daily, “Books Too Good to Miss”

“This book will find its way into a great many classrooms and school libraries, but it deserves to be in lots of children’s homes as well. This is a lovely book.”—San Francisco Book Review

“The whimsical illustrations set the tone for this fantastic first book of poetry for young children. The assumption in this book is that if all the world is a poem, than anyone can be a poet. This book makes poetry accessible to all children and shows children how much fun poetry can be….This would be perfect for an early elementary literacy class where a teacher is introducing poetry. It is a non-threatening way to make all children realize that they can be poets with little effort.”—Youth Services Book Review

“Although this is a heartfelt tribute to poetry, it is also a well conceived description of poetry for a child just learning to understand what poetry is….[Tibo’s] poetry is simple but elegant. The text is always positive and will help encourage children to write their own poems.”—Resource Links Magazine

“For young readers, hearing the words of All the World a Poem will fill them with the understanding that magic exists. This is grounded in the natural environment that Gilles Tibo and Manon Gauthier draw from the text. This beautiful book is best read together, leaving all enchanted by the depth and simplicity it creates.”—Canadian Children’s BookNews

“Enhanced by illustrations by Montreal artist Manon Gauthier, done in paper collage, coloured pencil and gouache, Tibo celebrates the power and freedom of poetry.”—Winnipeg Free Press

“[A] whimsically illustrated invitation for children to go out and extract poetry from the world around them.”—Life in Québec Magazine

All the World a Poem is a lyrical odyssey examining the richness of poems in shape and content, place and time, purpose and destination….The text is sublime, a celebration of sounds and rhythms and expressive verse. And Manon Gauthier again creates her distinctive illustrations of paper collage art that gives texture and whimsy a totally unique look.”—CanLit for LittleCanadians

“I am totally in love with All the World a Poem, a celebration of the poetry in the world and the world that’s in poetry, written by Gilles Tibo and illustrated by Manon Gauthier, both award-winners in Quebec and internationally….The poems themselves all sophisticated and yet accessible, like the illustrations with their childlike renderings and the richness of texture. Inspiring young readers to see the poetry at work in life and the world, to read it, and maybe even to sit down and write it.”—Pickle Me This

“[T]ry introducing little ones to [poetry] with this picture book…The unique illustrations in All the World a Poem are paper collage art, which adds to the overall artistic aesthetic.”—Village Living Magazine

“Rhymed or unrhymed, regular or irregular, the verses bring both poems and the concept of poetry to a child’s level.”—Learning Magazine

“[A] thoughtful look at language and poetry.”—Reading Rockets, “Summer Reading Guide 2017”


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