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Reviewer recommends The Hill for fans of The Lightening Thief and Hatchet

Posted on August 29th, 2016 by pajamapress

“Seeking a fresh survival story? The Hill is here.

TheHill_WebsiteHow many times have you heard, “I’m looking for something like Hatchet?” Confidently suggest The Hill…. Legend and mysticism are presented with brilliant application of suspended disbelief. As with Riordan’s The Lightening Thief and Dixon’s Pheonix Island, readers who approach this title seeking action and adventure will find that supernatural elements serve to propel the plot’s intensity. Bildungsroman abounds; Empathy is actualized; And Diversity is embraced. In addition to serving as an excellent choice for pleasure reading, English teachers may view The Hill as an outstanding candidate for class novel study.”—Lisa Brennan

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