Zander Stays Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

“Zander is tired of the same old, same old. So when the other geese close up the summer home and pack their bags (literally—they have rolling suitcases!), Zander waves goodbye…but when the cold settles in, Zander decides he needs some advice about winter. None of the other animals’ tips seem to apply, however. He doesn’t like nuts like the squirrel…snuggling with bats upside down, and stuffing himself like a bear in anticipation of hibernation don’t feel right either—though the images are sure to provoke giggles…Just when conditions are becoming dire, he’s rescued by a young light-skinned girl named Grace, whose winter adaptations suit him just fine…An author’s note describes the winter adaptations of bears, geese, bats, snowshoe hares, and humans and discusses hibernation and migration. Ritchie’s palette changes with the seasons, with the charming pencil, ink, and digital illustrations centering the goose and his every emotion…Readers are sure to want a goose of their own to overwinter with.”—Kirkus Reviews

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