Where’s Bunny? Reviews

School Library Journal

“As board books go, this one better be water-resistant; the illustrations set the action right in front of viewers who will reach for the baby reaching up at them. Put this into use for nap times or to aid new parents in the midst of sleep training. VERDICT A loving path to sleepytime, and ideal for board book collections that see wide circulation.”

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Kirkus Reviews

WheresBunny_Website“The sibling pair that last made Baby Cakes (2017) now walk themselves through a bedtime routine….As in the prior book, the pictures’ focus is on the children, both brown-skinned and with straight, black hair. The brown-skinned adult hands that place the toddler in the bath and then lift the tot back out make it clear that the children are being lovingly supervised, but the visual centering of the children allows for fluid reading of the text….[R]eaders may well see a newly literate older sibling reading aloud to a younger one—an empowering possibility….A nicely child-centered iteration on a common theme. (Picture book. 2-5)”

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School Library Journal

“Designed for the youngest listeners and readers, this sweet story features an older sister who helps her adorable younger brother wind down from his day and enjoy the rituals of bedtime….By using a warm color palette without strong contrasts, the watercolor-and-digital art suggests coziness, happiness, and familial love. The fluffy bathrobes and pajamas look positively snuggly….VERDICT A soothing bedtime story perfect for one-on-one sharing with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers alike.”
—Sally James, South Hillsborough Elementary School, CA

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Midwest Book Review

“Humor, helpfulness, and heart combine as Baby’s big sister helps to see him – and, of course, his stuffed bunny – through the nighttime routine from bath to bed. Little listeners ages 1 to 3 will connect with familiar sensory language of warm, tickly water and blanket snuggles, and they will be able to enjoy it time and again in this study-format…Where’s Bunny? will make bedtime a happy time for the whole family and is unreservedly recommended for daycare center and preschool collections.”

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CM Magazine

“Told with sparse language, Where’s Bunny? will appeal to the very young. Its soothing pace makes it an ideal bedtime book. It includes supplementary material – a bedtime checklist and a “clean teeth” checklist….The illustrations are simple, interesting, and cheerful, with an emphasis toward the blue range of the colour spectrum. The children have happy expressions, even during times of potential strife, such as brushing teeth or saying goodnight (as any parent could attest to!). Refreshing, too, is the depiction of children of colour.

Young children are sure to be soothed by the content, pace, and illustration of Where’s Bunny?

Highly Recommended.
—Roxy Garstad is the Collections Librarian at MacEwan University in Edmonton, AB.

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Canadian Children’s Book Centre

“Theo Heras’ Where’s Bunny? Is a celebration of siblings helping each other settle into bedtime routines. Babies, toddlers and preschoolers will relate to the adorable young boy who is helped by his caring big sister to put away toys, bathe, read a story and snuggle. Of course, bedtime isn’t easy since nothing can happen when Bunny is out of the boy’s arms! The warm, simple, sensory words chosen by Heras will remind children of the tickle of bath water and soothing of lullabies. The bedtime checklist included at the end of the story will be helpful for young preschoolers and their families to establish healthy bedtime routines.

Renné Benoit’s playful illustrations will delight readers of all ages. Young readers will enjoy locating Bunny, who is soft, cuddly and never far out of sight. The children are the primary focus of the illustrations. Even though parents are never pictured, the illustrations make it clear that the children are lovingly supervised. This book allows readers to decide what a family should look like and offers a refreshingly positive BIPOC image. Younger children will be drawn to the big baby faces. Parents will appreciate the positive sibling relationship illustrated throughout this work. This storybook is meant to be shared with babies, toddlers and preschool-ages children and would work well as a read-aloud shared with a small group. It would make an excellent addition to daycare, preschool and public library collections.”

CanLit for LittleCanadians

“Author Theo Heras and illustrator Renné Benoit’s very young brother and sister from Hat On, Hat Off and Baby Cakes have returned in a story about getting ready for bed and the routines involved with that evening ritual….

Theo Heras makes her text simple and readable for those just learning to decipher books, and it is sweetly appropriate for a concept book about bedtime routines. Many concept books tend to be flat, emphasizing only the concept in the simplest of texts. Thankfully Theo Heras does more than just assert a concept. There is a story here, one of sibling affection and a young child’s bond to his stuffed animal, that is elevated with Renné Benoit’s artwork. The children are so beautiful and angelic with their bright faces and cowlicked hair, and their surroundings are as soft and inviting to the reader as to the children. From Bunny with his carrot-topped hat and the towels and robes and bedcovers, Renné Benoit draws readers into the warmth of the children’s home and lives and asks them to stay for a bit.

Another invitation that is extended to readers comes by way of Pajama Press’s unique picture book format for the very young: a padded cover with rounded corners, and extra-heavy paper….Like the words and the art of Where’s Bunny?, the book says, ‘Hug me’ and the very young will be sure to oblige at least once before lights out.”
—Helen K

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Resource Links Magazine

“A book on bedtime routines….This book is helpful with a bedtime checklist that could have parents of young children establishing their own bedtime routine.”
—Holly Rainville

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Canadian Bookworm

“At various points in the book, the question “Where’s bunny?” is asked, and each time this is asked, there is an opportunity to look for the bunny in the drawing on that page. Most children have a stuffy of some kind that is a favourite bedtime pal, and this let’s that be part of the ritual as well….Bedtime books are a great way to introduce routine to children, and make getting ready for bed a pleasant time….I also liked that the book showed diversity without being about diversity.

This book is a great choice for little ones.”

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Where The Board Books Are

“What a sweet board book!

I have to say that one of the first things I noticed was the style of the illustrations, the font choice, the font size, and how the combination of those three elements reminded me of board books from the 90’s. Anyone remember Suppertime for Frieda Fuzzypaws or Puppy Too Small? Those were both childhood favorites and there’s just something about Renee Benoit’s illustrations that remind me of Cyndy Szekeres.

A board book that shows the unwavering love of an older sibling as a sister helps her little brother through the bedtime routine, Where’s Bunny? takes listeners through that bedtime routine while also making sure that Bunny isn’t forgotten.”

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