We the Sea Turtles Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

Turtles swim in and out of this collection of nine gentle stories. Canadian novelist Kadarusman uses short stories to deftly explore emotional turning points in young lives. At some point in each of these moving narratives, the young protagonists encounter turtles, usually sea turtles….All have a strong environmental component; the writer’s own love for the natural world is evident. The settings are well depicted, and the racially, nationally, and economically diverse characters are distinctive. The collection is bracketed by accounts of several sea turtles’ long journeys and an imagined first-person reflection from one. “We the sea turtles are ancient stewards of our planet.” Like the turtles, these stories range widely around the world, from Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada, to Malaysia and Singapore….An exploration to be savored.

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CM Reviews

“Most of the stories are…snapshots of moments in time for kids living in very different circumstances which will be illuminating for readers…We the Sea Turtles doesn’t pull punches about the gravity of the global climate crisis or the destructiveness of natural disasters…The hope comes from action, and, in most stories, the protagonist, rather than remaining passive, finds an active way to confront the future…Ultimately, We the Sea Turtles is a book about the wonder of nature and the tenacity and beauty of its creatures, in particular the sea turtle. By encouraging kids to love and be inspired by their natural surroundings, author Michelle Kadarusman hopes to encourage a generation of children to play a positive role in the future of our planet. There is lots of fruitful content for thought and discussion. Highly Recommended.”

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Dr. Larry Recommends

“This anthology explores relevant themes like eco-anxiety, natural disaster, and the change people are forced to make when they are uprooted. Kadarusman expertly presents scientific information guided by the sincere environmental concerns that many young people reflect upon. The author takes readers around the world (e.g., Georgian Bay, Canada; Manhattan, NY; New South Wales, Australia; Komodo Island Indonesia) and describes ‘hot off the press’ narratives of such global issues as flood, fires, pollution and extinction. This is a wonderful blend of fiction and nonfiction writing. This is an ideal read-aloud source for grade 4 to 6 classrooms.”

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