Triceratops Stomp Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

Cover: Triceratops Stomp Author-Illustrator: Karen Patkau Publisher: Pajama Press“[D]ino fans will delight in this onomatopoeic romp. Extra information about other dinosaurs found throughout the story is appended at the end. Fill your storytime with prehistoric sound.”

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School Library Journal

“A serviceable addition for the most devoted toddler dino fan.”

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The Globe & Mail

“Young readers will find themselves stomping and romping and thudding about just like the baby dinosaurs in Patkau’s lively onomatopoeic text.”
—Jeffrey Canton

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Youth Services Book Review

Rating: 1-5 (5 is an excellent or a Starred review) 5

You have to love a book where a mother triceratops scares away a t-rex — nice for a change in dinosaur stories….While reading this story, I kept thinking how perfect it would be for a toddler story time. The illustrations are adorable and there are plenty of sounds and movements for young children to mimic such as tap-tap, peck-peck, poke-poke, wriggle-wriggle, cheep-cheep, munch-munch, and roarrr, just to name a few….Also, the last page of the book illustrates seven different dinosaurs along with some interesting facts. A challenge is also presented to see if you can find these dinosaurs throughout the pages of the story….

Should we (librarians/readers) put this on the top of our ‘to read’ piles? Yes”
—Kristin Guay, former youth librarian

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CM Magazine

“[C]hanges to the size of the font and capitalization encourage the reader to read aloud with enthusiastic vocal variation…

Extra content includes a concluding ‘Can You FIND ME in the Story’ page that invites readers to return to the book and locate the seven dinosaurs that appear somewhere in the book….The closing endpapers carry the text ‘This is how BIG we were’ and provides a size comparison of all the dinosaurs with a human family standing at the side. Recommended.”
Saeyong Kim is a public librarian who lives and works in British Columbia.

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