The Skeleton Coast Reviews


“These four kids have faced the worst their world has to offer and come through learning lessons about sticking together, the unbreakable bonds of family, and never giving up hope. The last leg of their journey adds heartwarming reunions to the regular dose of adventure and danger, with themes of starting anew, family, friendship, and courage bringing this epic tale to a satisfying end.”
—Elizabeth Konkel

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Kirkus Reviews

“The postdiluvian Flooded Earth trilogy concludes as it began, with high-seas derring-do….For all its dystopian setting, this satisfying trilogy closer is full of pluck.”

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CM Magazine

The Skeleton Coast, by continuing the highly credible adventure, moral questions, and imaginative view of a climate-ravaged future of the previous two installments in the series, brings the story to an exciting and satisfying conclusion. As always, characterization is strong, with the introduction of the superstitious and strong-willed Blossom and the naïve yet principled Lt. Cherry as strong additions to the cast….The question of ‘who are the good guys’ is deeply explored, the plight of refugees eerily prescient, and the sailing and survival skills of the kids put to thrilling test as usual….

Highly Recommended.”
Todd Kyle

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