The Dog Patrol: Our Canine Companions and the Kids Who Protect Them Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

“In the United States, 60.2 million households include a dog, resulting in an enormous number of children who’d benefit from learning about responsible dog ownership.

This effort explores three closely related themes: a history of how dogs came to be human companions; an examination of what responsible dog ownership looks like; and profiles of a number of children who are actively crusading to improve the lives of dogs. Clear, accurate, engaging, and informative text combines with a substantial collection of high-interest color photographs, several per large page, to round out a thorough exploration of an important issue. Topics include nutrition, the problems of confining dogs to crates, and the greater effectiveness of positive reinforcement over punishment in training, providing valuable, manageable information for young dog owners. Suggestions abound for tasks readers could actually accomplish to improve dogs’ lives. The profiles of young activists add a level of inspiration and ideas for those who want to take further steps and do more than just providing better care for their own dogs. Many of the children profiled have found small ways to raise money for big projects that have led to significant positive outcomes for dogs in need. A dog lover’s pledge, a thorough glossary, a detailed index, and a long list of useful websites round out a fine presentation.

Perfect for dog lovers and those contemplating that critical mission.”