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Cover: The Castle in the Sea Author: Mardi McConnochie Publisher: Pajama Press“Will and Annalie continue the search for their dad in the middle installment of an Australian eco-thriller trilogy (The Flooded Earth, 2018)….While they quest for Spinner and his research into geo-engineering the Flood, the children avoid the wicked forces of the Admiralty and survive all manner of adventures: a storm at sea, stranding on a deserted island, capture by pirates, arrest by immigration officers, and having to eat some pretty gross bugs….A post-apocalyptic disaster story with the cozy feel of Swallows and Amazons.”

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“As in the first book, this sequel offers commentary on the refugee crisis, often using humor to alleviate the tense material, but McConnochie also delivers higher stakes, daring escapes, wild storms, and pirate battles in a second adventure sure to please young thrill-seekers.”
— Elizabeth Konkel

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School Library Journal

“Readers will be engrossed in this action-packed adventure story and will eagerly await the next installment. VERDICT A satisfying, high-stakes sequel. Recommended for middle grade collections that own the first novel.”
—Marissa Lieberman, East Orange Public Library, NJ

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CM Magazine

The Castle in the Sea continues the highly suspenseful adventure, strong characterization, and intriguing speculation on a very real-seeming future that made The Flooded Earth so satisfying. The endless variety of post-Flood nations, from the northern oasis of Norlind to the squalor of Brundisi to the crime-infested anarchy of the pirate island Dasto Puri, are described in fascinating detail, rendering them both strange and familiar. Parallels with our contemporary world are poignant, from the callous indifference to climate refugees to the materialistic world of Essie’s rich parents, yet the book is never moralizing, instead relying on constant action to propel it forward….

But again, it is the incredible and thrilling pace of the story, and the almost effortless flow for the reader, that make this book as likeable and compelling as it is profound and thought-provoking….The final installment in the trilogy cannot come too soon!

Highly Recommended.”
—Todd Kyle

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Resource Links

“Rating: E…McConnochie showcases the action filled chapters with two points of view set forty years after a massive flood that destroys most of the earth’s surface. One focuses on the crew of the Sunfish ship and the other is on the protagonist Will and his friend Essie who fall off the ship. Even though Will and Annalie are in a fight for their lives to find their father against pirates, Admiralty, castles, rocks and more, the sea, it’s vastness, mightiness and its glory is the main focus. It is an expansive depth that carries secrets and messages just like the crew and that draw parallels to impending issues affecting the world and its future from migration and climate concerns.

The Castle in The Sea will keep you diving in for more…”
—Lara Chauvin

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