Snow Days Reviews

Publishers Weekly

Cover: Snow Days Author: Deborah Kerbel Illustrator Miki Sato Publisher: Pajama Press“Kerbel’s couplets include both concrete details and more poetic abstractions. Sato’s deceptively simple illustrations are almost tangible in their layers, showcasing an array of stitches, paper finishes, and fabric surfaces, and depicting an inclusive cast. Back matter features five ‘fun experiments’ with snow.”

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Kirkus Reviews

“Simple rhyming couplets explore the myriad experiences snowfall brings, from the revelatory joy of the first snow to the somber goodbye of winter….The colorful collage illustrations strongly utilize texture to create depth and visual interest. The materials used to create the outerwear and accessories are especially realistic and invite closer inspection. Timid blooms peeking through melting snow end the book with a hopeful promise of spring. A playful celebration of wintry weather.”

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Foreword Reviews

“From the first snowfall of the year to the sprouting of spring, Snow Days walks through the magic of winter in charming rhyming couplets. Meticulous paper and fabric cutouts form illustrations that seem to leap off of the page…”
—Danielle Ballantyne

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Quill & Quire

“The text is poetic but accessible, and compact without feeling hasty. It affirms the experiences of young winter veterans, while also being instructional for little newcomers as to why Frosty cannot always be constructed on a whim.

Sato uses paper and fabric collage for the illustrations, creating a striking juxtaposition between the textures of snow (mostly paper) and winter clothes (mostly fabric). Sato also demonstrates the surprising range of white paper: after showcasing the predictable, traditional snowflake cut-out on the first page, tiny haphazard shards evoke ‘Blowing flakes of frosted light’ and crinkled sheets that resemble plasticine represent the coveted packing snow.”

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CM Magazine

Snow Days is about the magic of winter through the eyes of a child. With each page, children are seen taking part in various winter activities, such as skating, making snow angels, and building snow forts. Instead of depicting winter as sad and cold, winter is described as a wondrous season filled with many opportunities to enjoy the outside, even when there is a blizzard….Young readers will become excited for the first snow of the year with this delightful story. Highly Recommended.”
Julia Pitre is a children’s librarian with London Public Library in London, Ontario.


“The rhyming text, complemented by quality illustrations, looks at the various types of snow including the first snow, powder snow, Christmas snow, packing snow and last snow.”

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CanLit for LittleCanadians

“Deborah Kerbel begins her story with the delight of children taking in the first snow of the season. With arms upraised and mouths agape, perhaps to catch a few of Miki Sato’s extraordinary snowflakes, the warmly-dressed children revel in the splendour of the snow….Whether it be powder snow or packing snow, blizzard snow or Christmas snow–a particularly special kind– or even frozen snow and slush and sleet, Deborah Kerbel invites little ones to savour each as a sensory experience of touch and feel….

Miki Sato’s three-dimensional illustrations, created with cut-paper collage, reflects Deborah Kerbel’s textured text, making us feel the iciness of packed snow and the dampness of mittens, amidst the piles of different snows. Just as each snow day is different, Miki Sato’s children and landscapes are as varied and diverse….

With our own snow days upon us, enjoy Deborah Kerbel and Miki Sato’s exploration in words and art and even consider the handful of experiments for very young children suggested at the end. It may be a little cold and get a little wet but the adventure will be worth it.”

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Fab Book Reviews

Snow Days, written by award-winning Canadian author Deborah Kerbel (My Deal With the UniverseSun Dog with Suzanne Del Rizzo), and Japanese-Canadian illustrator Miki Sato (Golden Threads with Suzanne Del Rizzo) team up to bring readers the gorgeously cozy rhyming story Snow Days….With Miki Sato’s gorgeous and cheerful multi-textured, paper collage images (be sure take a close-up look at the snowflakes!) and Deborah Kerbel’s precise and lively rhythmic couplets, Snow Days is a snuggly, bouncy and softly reflective reading experience- and one that is truly perfect for reading aloud. Additionally, at the book’s end, five simple science experiment involving snow are offered- just right for any potential snow days ahead!”

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Canadian Bookworm

“This delightful picture book looks at all the different kinds of snow and the things that one can do with it, in it and because of it….Sato’s illustrations, using paper and fabric in collage, add a lovely dimension to the book.  The book closes with five fun activities you can undertake with your child to further explore the world and wonder of snow.”

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Kids Books I Didn’t Hate

“Growing up I was always fascinated by the fact that there are Indigenous groups in Canada that have tons of different words to describe snow. As a Canadian kid I could see that there were many different types of snow, but never had a good way to describe them, so when I learned about people who had words for it, I wished that I did too. This book makes me think of that because it is a joyous ode to snow and all the beautiful varieties it comes in. The illustrations have a stunning depth to them and are layered and detailed papercraft creations (these pictures really don’t capture the detail well). There is also some fun back matter with interesting ideas on how to play in the snow.”

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Book Riot

“This picture book captures the wonder of snow and the beauty and magic of a snow-covered landscape. Written in rhyming couplets, the book contains beautiful collages of snowflakes that invite readers to pause and enjoy the season.”

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