Shape Up, Construction Trucks! Reviews

Kirkus Reviews ★ Starred Review

Cover: Shape Up, Construction Trucks! Author: Victoria Allenby Publisher: Pajama Press“Storytime gets a kick in the pants with this jaunty combo of shapes and vehicles….Similar in its cadences to Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle (1967), this book is ideal for construction storytimes everywhere. ‘Road roller / Road roller / Coming through! / I spy a circle— / How about you?’ Be sure to sing it to the tune of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ if you really want to bring down the house. Activities to further engage young children are included at the end of the book.

Clear, crisp, clean, and concise—trucks and shapes have never before looked (or sounded) this good.”

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School Library Journal ★ Starred Review

“This picture book uses images of real construction vehicles to teach various shapes. Each spread depicts construction vehicles on construction sites, including dump trucks, mixers, and cranes….The repetitive text encourages children to read along with the story. The back matter provides age-appropriate geometry activities. VERDICT Sure to be a hit with collections and storytimes.”

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A Fuse #8 Production by Elizabeth Bird, “2020 Math Books for Kids”

“Allenby’s book is almost too good for its very simple premise….As the Kirkus review pointed out, you could do a whole storytime and sing this book to the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” song (which I always did with Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?) and make a whole construction production out of it!”

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CM Magazine

“As its title suggests Shape Up, Construction Trucks! combines two childhood favourites: shapes and construction vehicles….Combining these two concepts – construction and shapes – is a novel idea and is effective at building vocabulary in both areas….Shape Up, Construction Trucks! is a simple book executed well. Recommended.
Toby Cygman is a librarian in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Youth Services Book Review

What did you like about the book? This book covers so many different topics all in one book! This is a book that is a great resource for parents of young children….It is not just your basic triangle, circle and square shapes either. The author also introduces students to other shapes such as a rhombus and trapezoids. In addition to the shapes the color of the shape also introduces a different color on that page. The book allows a parent to increase the difficulty of the book based on the readers reading level at the time….What I love the most about this book is at the end it gives parents different ways to read through the book. That is so helpful for parents who are often looking to get the most for their dollar on every item they purchase for a child….

Where would you shelve it? Picture books or 629.225”
—Rose Metayer, Boston Latin School, Boston 

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Canadian Bookworm

“This fun picture books uses the interest that many children have in construction equipment to teach them about shapes. Recommended for kids aged two to five, this book will definitely appeal to that age….I always love picture books that combine fun and learning and this is a good example. The pictures show the vehicles in work situations, although only one is actually moving in its scene. Kids can imagine who would be working in them.”

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Fab Book Reviews

“Victoria Allenby’s (Rhino Rumpus with Tara Anderson) newest picture book Shape Up, Construction Trucks! brings readers a bright, bold, and fun story all about two highly interesting subjects: trucks and shapes! With a terrifically clean and clever layout relying on rhyme and repetition, each page spread focuses on introducing one truck (e.g. a dump truck) and one shape (e.g. a triangle)….While every page offers a different shape to learn about, it is done such a fashion that will most likely make readers feel comfortable and emboldened to practice what they’ve learned! Likely to be a hit during read aloud time and/or with readers who adore anything related to trucks or construction vehicles, Victoria Allenby’s starred-reviewed book offers as much opportunity for discovery and learning as it does fun in investigating trucks. Shape Up, Construction Trucks! also offers some fantastic extras by way of suggested educational activities at the book’s end!”

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