See It, Dream It, Do It Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

“Skydiving instructor, paleontologist, and electrical engineer are just a few of the options highlighted in this career guide. Nelson, MacIsaac, and Ritchie have built on their earlier work, If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It (2022), with profiles of 25 new people pursuing their dreams. Laudably, the subjects are diverse in terms of race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and ability… The bubbly style of the writing conveys these people’s excitement for their chosen paths; readers will immediately be pulled in and come away spurred to mull their own ambitions. “Spin-Off Job, “Pro Tip,” “Why Not Try,” and “Inspiring Individual” sidebars enliven the text…Solid inspiration to help young people think big about their futures.”

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School Library Journal, Fuse 8 

“Personally, I don’t think enough attention is paid to those kids that fret constantly about their future….It would have done me quite a bit of good to see a book like See It, Dream It, Do It. Career books are always very popular in a library, of course, but I feel like this book offers a level of reassurance that is different….With a nicely diverse selection of experts, maybe I just like this book because it appeals to elementary school/middle school me, but doggone it that kid still exists and we have to give her something!”

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Dr. Larry Recommends

“Noteworthy is consideration given to people from diverse cultures and diverse genders [dreaming of] all sorts of jobs, helping readers to consider cool career paths and give some consideration of their own dream jobs. This is an informative and engaging nonfiction compilation.”

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