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RhinoRumpus_Website“Three little rhinos just can’t seem to behave. Whether they’re at the dinner table or in the tub, the three little rhinos keep pushing, fighting, tussling, and butting heads until it turns into a full blown RHINO RIOT! Mama Rhino is getting tired. Will the three little rhinos ever get along? Thanks to its bubbly rhythm, Rhino Rumpus is a great candidate for story time with toddlers. The energetic language and rhymes are made to be read aloud and the illustrations are equally as exciting and expressive. Preschoolers with siblings (or parents with rambunctious little rhinos of their own) will relate to this story and have a lot of fun reading together.”

School Library Journal

“Toddler-PreS–Three rambunctious little rhinos wreak havoc while their mother tries to coax them through their bedtime routine. They tussle, fight, grunt, and bite—while poor Mama becomes more and more despondent and frustrated. But don’t worry—(spoiler alert!) all’s well that ends well, with Mama on the receiving end of a gigantic rhino hug!…VERDICT This selection will certainly strike a familiar chord with squabbling siblings and their frazzled parents and fans of Anna Dewdney and Sandra Boynton…”
–Laura Lintz, Henrietta Public Library, Rochester, NY

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Publishers Weekly

“Bedtime preparations prove anything but restful for three rhino siblings in this slice-of-life story from the team behind Nat the Cat Can Sleep Like That (2014)….Allenby interrupts her rhymes with a handful of sound effects (“Fidget fuss frump/ Huff harrumph”), as well as a brief bedtime song that helps shift the story’s mood to one of calm. It’s a playful celebration of both the commotion of daily life and the love among members of a family.”

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“This romp of a picture book for very young audiences begs to be read aloud. The plot is fairly simple: a trio of squabbling rhino siblings can’t quite manage to get ready for bed…The rhyming text incorporates numerous exclamations and sound effects. Adult readers should be prepared to harrumph, gripe, snipe, grumble, and roar. The pencil-and-crayon illustrations do an effective job of conveying the mayhem, and the facial expressions add to the general hilarity. While this would be a great choice for library storytime, it’s not really recommended for bedtime [because] most young readers will be way too riled up.”

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CM Magazine

“Tara Anderson’s folksy pencil crayon and acrylic illustrations show the squabbling siblings in all of their mischievous glory. They butt heads, overturn chairs, and snap towels at each other. Mama Rhino, bedecked in a pearl necklace and hoop earrings, keeps her composure throughout the turmoil.

Victoria Allenby’s zippy verse is full of repetition, and fun sound words like ‘Fidget fuss frump’, ‘Huff harrumph’ and ‘Grump grumble Bump-a-rump’. Rhino Rumpus is a rollicking read-aloud and a great choice for toddler storytimes.”

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CanLit for LittleCanadians

“Victoria Allenby and Tara Anderson, the author-illustrator duo who brought us Nat the Cat Can Sleep Like That (Pajama Press, 2013), have returned with another picture book for our littlest ones, this time focusing on the sibling antics of three rhinos as their mother attempts to bring them to some degree of harmony….

The text is perfect for toddlers who will delight in its simplicity and sounds, while those children who are just learning to read will be pleased to test themselves on the easy-to-read rhyming lines and repetition of numbers (e.g., One little rhino…, Two little rhinos…, Three little rhinos…)….Similarly, Tara Anderson, who dedicates the book to her own little one, animates the text with her coloured pencil illustrations that convey exuberance, joy, mischief and affection with each stroke….

Rhino Rumpus will undoubtedly become the go-to book for families with young ones who get into squabbles, both for parents who need to recognize that children learn through play, even boisterous play, and for children who need to see that parental love is a gift that should not be overlooked, even if it does need a rest occasionally.”

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Midwest Book Review

“Victoria Allenby and Tara Anderson’s Rhino Rumpus is a very simple and fun book featuring a padded hard cover…The fun story is replete with lovely, large-size drawings of young rhinos at play: the very young picture book readers will relish these lively images and the very easy read.”

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Kids’ BookBuzz

“I liked this book; it was so funny! It made me think of when it’s time for me to go to bed and I drive my mama crazy by running around….But then she’ll read me a book and snuggle with me so that I can relax and fall asleep.”
—Brian, Age 5

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All Booked Up Now

Rhino Rumpus by Victoria Allenby, illustrated by Tara Anderson, published by @pajamapressbooks. The three little rhinos keep momma on her toes….It’s the end of the day and all the rhinos are in bed, but not all are sleeping, but momma has fallen asleep on her chair after a busy day! This is definitely a book all moms can understand. Being a mom is tough work, being a mom is tiring, but we all think our little ones are the best ever!”

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